PLN with PECIT - NSTP Students

 The first part of the forum on “Values of Sexuality” to the NSTP students of Philippine Electronics and Communication Institute of Technology was held on August 26, 2017, 8:00 am to 11:30 am at Multi-Purpose hall of the school. It was attended by 85 students, we are grateful to Sir Babad, Ma’am Durango, and Ma’am Cecil Matillano for organizing the event.

Topics discussed were the Big 5 Crisis, Sexual Revolution, and Sexuality. During the group dynamics the students were informed of the emerging crisis; teenage pregnancies, suicide, HIV-AIDS, illegal drugs, and school dropouts. They shared that the causes of these were due to family problems, lack of information, peer pressure, curiosity, and bad influences. They also present some solution such as counselling, family and values nurturing, and information drive. There was also a question of who will do or implement the solution and they responded that It should be the government, the parents, and most importantly each individual.

Based on the participant’s reflection papers they showed some level of maturity, focused on their studies, and present some positive characteristics, such as;
They have strong faith in God,
Give importance to family and respect to parents,
Acknowledged they still need to learned more especially on the topic of sexuality, and
They have the desires to strengthen their values.