A celfone text conversation between a 15 year old girl and a youth minister (ym).

girl: Good evening kuya! can i ask a guidance about this "love"?
ym: Good evening! yeah sure... are you in love now?

...yup! before... i'd like to restore my relationship with my ex, but i can't do anything unless he'll be the one to approach first.
ym: so what's your plan then?

i'm confused, what is advisable? to still wait for my ex to court me again? or i will accept one of my suitors even if my feeling is still with my ex?
ym: can i ask some questions for me to understand you better?

Ok sure kuya?
ym: how many times you're able to have a bf?

ahmm.. 5th times.
ym: did your parents know about it?

they know that i have bf but they do not know how many times.
ym: what's their reaction upon knowing it?

they seems get angry but they just keep silent about it.
ym: were is your mom now?

here in our house.
ym: would you like to have a happy relationship?

yup.. i think everyone wants to have a happy relationship.
ym: would you accept that there are still so many things you do not know about relationship?

yeah... and i'm willing to know about it!
ym: good! would you believe that God wants you to be happy?

yeah! because God never want us to have a miserable lives...
ym: yeah! that's right! would you also believe that i want you to be happy?

yup! sure!
girl: ahmm.. it's quite long time since we've broke-up with my ex, but i admit the feelings still remains, but i am the girl...it's awkward that i'll be the one to initiate to be able for us to be a lovers again...but i can sense that he still like me. i have four suitors now, do i need to accept one of them or i'll just wait for my ex to court me again? kuya what shall i do?
ym: ok! this is what you will do. you talk to your mom everything about it and follow whatever she will tells you.

ha!!! but i'm really afraid to talk about it to my parents...i'm sure they will get mad at me and be more strict to me about this things...i cannot share it to them...they'll be getting mad...
ym: we'll if you cannot talk about it with your mom... you'd better focus yourself with your studies and forget now of having a bf... A RELATIONSHIP WITHOUT PERMISSION WITH YOUR PARENTS WILL JUST MAKE YOU SAD. remember that always.


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Please allow me to present some issues regarding the young today:

1. The 1994 Young Adult Fertility and Sexuality Survey (YAFSS) of 11,000 young people, ages 15 to 24 years, conducted by Dr. Z. C. Zablan, professor of demography at the Population Institute of the University of the Philippines, revealed that 18 percent of Filipino youths approved premarital sex, 80 percent disapproved, and 2 percent were neutral.

2. The same YAFSS survey showed that a large number of female college graduates residing in urban areas (35 percent) were exercising their liberal roles, both in their personal and professional lives with flexible sexual attitudes, while 40 percent were more likely to employ contraception.

3. Data from the National Statistics Office showed that of 1.7 million babies born in 2004, almost 8 percent were born to mothers aged 15-19. Almost 30 percent of Filipino women become mothers before reaching their 21st birthday. In 2000 alone, young mothers gave birth to 818,000 babies, this means that almost 1 of every 10 babies is born to a teenage mother.

4. Kiko dela Tonga, of Likhaan Foundation, cited a recent study done by the Population Institute of the University of the Philippines showing that more than four million Filipinos aged 15-19 have had sexual intercourse. He said two of every five teenage pregnancies are unwanted ones; more than 46 percent of young pregnant women resort to induced abortion.

5. In Metro Manila study made by Josefina Cabigon of the University of the Philippines Population Institute, 17 percent of the 1,169 women surveyed admitted having had an abortion.

6. Every year, as many as 750,000 women undergo induced abortion in illegal "clinics" all over the Philippines. Many of these women eventually die from infection, hemorrhage and other complications. Statistics compiled by the Department of Health Hospital Development Plan for 1988 to 1992 reveal that in 1986 alone abortion was third in the top 10 causes of hospitalization. A large percentage of this is believed to be induced abortion.

7. A Review of the Youth Situation and National Policies and Programmes: UNITED NATIONS, New York, 2000. Of the 660 individuals in the Philippines who reportedly tested positive for HIV, a total of 72, or 33 per cent, were within the age bracket of 15 to 24 years.

8. Youth are particularly vulnerable to STDs, with 24.4 percent of female youth and 24.3 percent of male youth surveyed in 1994 found to have at least one serious reproductive health problem. Given the proportion of youth who are sexually active, they are particularly vulnerable to STDs and other reproductive health problems. Gonorrhea is the most prevalent type of STD to affect the general population.

Do you think preserving chastity could somehow address these issues?

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Pure Love Network

"Preserving Chastity Until Marriage"

"To promote the virtue of chastity in every school campus and communitie."

1. Organize networks that will perform the tasks in promoting chastity.
2. Create a common formations and activities that will strengthen and unify the networks.
3. Establish linkages to other groups or associations that will facilitate the expansion of the networks.

1. Prayer Fellowship
2. Fora, symposia, seminars, workshops, variety shows, and celebrations.
3. Community or campus services.


Reasons why a person must preserved his/her chastity until marriage?

1. It pleases God. Sex is designed for procreation not for pleasure. It is a precious gift vested only to a married couple.

2. It will heighten a person's dignity and integrity.

3. It will facilitate a person to become discipline and be the master of his/her emotions and desires.

4. It will allow a person free of doubts and worries thus becomes objective in making great decisions in life.

5. In this modern age, it will serve as the greatest gift you can give to your future husband or wife.

6. It will protect you from any sexually transmitted diseases and HIV - AIDS.

7. It will lessen the cases of teenage pregnancies and motherhood, and abortions.

Pledge of Commitment: 

I, ________________(name)__________________ commit myself to preserve my chastity as a demonstration that I am for Christ.

That I value the virtue of chastity according to what it is designed for: for procreation not for pleasure.

That my chastity will be the greatest gift I can give to my future husband or wife.

That whatever happens I will protect my chastity until I'll get married, even of the expense of my life.

That I will promote Pure Love Network to my friends, classmates, neighbors, or to any person that will come into my life.

All this I'll faithfully adhere for the greater glory of God.

Bless me God, I pray