FEATURE STORY (11/25/2009)


A poem submitted by Jayrhom Almanteros of  LNHS, dedicated to all pledgers.


Your body is the temple of God, and are your kisses more than a party or a movie?
Will you let it be a plaything?
The Loving Father's Plans are amazing...
So why not live in harmony with His purpose and order
In times of weakness, He will give power to overcome!
Do not be influenced by what you hear and see in the world around.
Sex is a choice, but choose to live your sexual life in accordance with God's plans
And keep ourselves pure until marriage is the right...
Nobody, only  God can satisfies your thirst.

FEATURE STORY (11/24/2009)


Blog from BoSanchez.ph

Here’s my big message today: You can only have happy relationships if you have happy self-love.
Nope, I’m not talking about narcissism—or extreme selfishness. Here’s why: I believe selfish people don’t really love themselves.
Let me tell you my story.
       Two years ago, I attended my 25th Alumni Homecoming.
It was great catching up with old friends. We were all bigger, balder, and bumpier in various parts of our body.
       But what gave the heebeejeevies was walking through my old school building. I was overwhelmed with a flood of not-so-happy memories. I realized how much I didn’t like school.
You see, I was a very insecure kid.
I was very shy. I was introverted. I had pimples. I was so thin, they called me tipaklong (grasshopper). For Filipinos, my nose was large, so they called it a grand piano hanging on my face.
And some classmates bullied me. They called me names. They pushed me around. They forced me to do errands. And they made me their lifetime supply of pad paper. 
       In youth lingo, I was a Loser with a capital L.
But I felt all my classmates were so confident, so large, so outgoing, and so happy. They loved school. 
And so I asked myself this disturbing question: What is wrong with me?  Hundreds of times a day, I would ask myself this question. And for years, this question was my constant refrain.

What Is Wrong With Me?
25 years later, I know God has healed me because I don’t ask that cynical question as often anymore.
I now love myself.
I’ve grown in confidence.
And I’ve become successful!
       I have a wonderful family and fantastic friends.
       I’ve written bestselling books.
And my pimples are gone.
I’ve grown to my ideal weight.
My face is larger, so my nose isn’t a grand piano anymore. (Now it looks more like a church organ.)
       And thanks to my friend, co-preacher, and couturier, Adrian Panganiban, I dress well. Suits, ties, the works. He makes clothes for showbiz stars and has made it his personal mission to make me look guwapo. I think he has succeeded (Ahem).
But may I be honest with you?
At rare times, I still find myself asking that judgmental question: What is wrong with me?
       It’s amazing how after 25 years, a tiny part of me is still that insecure schoolboy that wanted people to like me.
My problem through all those years? 
I didn’t love myself.
       For decades, my heart was empty of self-love.
       But was my heart really empty? 

Your Heart Filled With Either
Self-Love Or Neediness
Imagine your heart to be an empty bottle.
But it’s not really empty. It’s actually filled with air.
       In the same way, when a human heart doesn’t have self-love, it isn’t empty. It’s filled with neediness.
The air in the bottle is a symbol of neediness.
But if you pour water in it, it pushes air out of the bottle. The more water it has, the less air it has.
       That water is self-love.
I believe the only solution to neediness is self-love.
If you learn to love yourself, you’ll push out neediness from your heart. The more you love yourself, the less neediness you have. The less you love yourself, the more neediness you have.
       Would you know neediness if you saw it?

Do You Have Neediness?
       Neediness, or a lack of self-love, is expressed in so many ways. Here are a few of them…
·        Some, like me, become people-pleasers. They’ll be kind, gentle, and smile at everybody so they’ll be liked. Because their substitute for self-love is to be liked.
·        Some achieve a lot, get good grades, and do great things. Because their substitute for self-love is to be admired.
·        Some rebel, get angry, disobey, and reject everyone. Because they’re substitute to be loved is to receive attention.
·        Some become victims of abuse. (Read my example later.)
As I said, I expressed my neediness in the first way—by becoming a good guy. All these years, people thought I was such a loving person. (I fooled you, didn’t I?)
But in reality, I wasn’t giving love; I was buying love.
I wasn’t giving love; I was giving neediness. Because you can only give what is in your heart.
Boy, was I miserable! 
Because I lacked self-love, it was impossible to have a healthy, happy, relationship with others.
       Let me tell you an extreme example…

The Need To Be Needed
Angela is married to her college sweetheart Marty.
But Marty is an alcoholic.
A few times a month, he comes home very drunk and beats Angela. He gives her a black eye. Slaps on the face. Bruises on the arm. 
When he wakes up, he doesn’t even remember what he did. 
Marty kneels down before a battered Angela and asks for forgiveness. He’s totally repentant and sobs like a baby.
But one or two weeks after, he gets drunk again and beats her up again. This insanity has been going on for seven years.
Many friends have told Angela to leave Marty. And she has. But Marty would find her and beg her to return. And out of love, she would return home—only to be beaten again.
But is it really out of love?
No. It’s neediness.
Specifically, the need to be needed.
Like me, Angela’s heart is filled with neediness, begging for love. Because she can’t find love, she mistakes being needed as love. And she finds it in her sick husband.
Angela’s neediness attracted Marty’s neediness. Two needy people needing each other. It was the perfect recipe for an unhappy marriage. (I’ll talk more about this later.)
I talked to Angela.
I told her the harsh truth, “You don’t really love her husband.”
“How could you say that?” she said, “That’s why I’ve stuck with him…”
“If you really loved him, and not needed him, you would have run away from him a long time ago and never went near him until he stopped drinking for at least 6 to 12 months. He doesn’t need gentle love. He needs tough love. Are you willing to give that?”
She closed her eyes and wept.

The Problem Of The Needy Heart
I’m going to expose my age again.
Remember this song by Basil Valdez? “It’s your smile, your face, your lips that I miss; your sweet little eyes that stare at me and make me say, I’ll be with you through all the way, ‘Cause it’s you, Who fills the emptiness in me…”
Lovely song. But here’s what I learned about relationships: An empty heart can only give emptiness.  And emptiness is another word for neediness.
Have you heard this song by Barry Manilow? “You know I can’t smile without you, I can’t smile without You, I can’t laugh and I can’t sing, I’m findin’ it hard to do anything…”
I’ll be scared if I have a friend who can’t smile without me.
I’ll be scared if I have kids who can’t smile without me.
I’ll be scared if I have a wife who can’t smile without me.
Or have you heard this one by Mariah Carrey?  “I can’t live if living is without you, I can’t live, I can’t live anymore…”
Beautiful song. But if you’re looking for a spouse, I strongly urge you to look for someone who can actually live without you—but who will choose to live with you—not because he needs you, but because he loves you.
But this isn’t that easy. Again, I must warn you: Neediness attracts neediness. A needy heart is naturally attracted to another needy heart. The reason is obvious. If you can’t get love, might as well get its counterfeit: neediness. 
That’s why some women are jerk magnets. They’re attracted to bad guys because they need to be needed.
The only solution? Replace neediness with self-love.
Because you can only have healthy relationships if you have healthy self-love.

Five Ways Of Filling Your Heart
With Self-Love
       Let me share with you the five powerful ways of how to fill your heart with self-love. I’ve tried them. They work marvellously.
       Many relationships are suffering right now because of neediness. When you learn to love yourself, your relationships will be freed from neediness. And your relationships with become so much happier.
But I must warn you: Five is a big number. You won’t remember them all. What I want you to do is choose one thing that you believe God wants you to do today. Just one!
Here they are:
1. Believe in your own worthiness
2. Fulfil your dreams
3. Care for your needs
4. Relate with the right God
5. Relate with the right people

Step 1:
Believe In Your Worthiness
Do this for me.
Place your hands over your chest and say this out loud, “I’m a wonderful human being. I’m a beautiful person. I’m blessed. I’m equipped. I’m anointed. I’m talented.    I’m loved. I’m prosperous. I’m generous. I’m wealthy in every way.”
Do you feel better?
Then say these statements twice a day, once in the morning and once before you sleep at night!
Personally, I had to change my constant question in my mind. Instead of asking, “What’s wrong with me?” I had to start asking, “What’s right about me?”
Get a piece of paper and answer that question. Write whatever comes to mind. The longer the list, the better!
       Second, go to a loved one—and ask her, “What’s right about me? What’s great about me? What’s wonderful about me?”
Write down her answers.
And echo the Psalms when it says, I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.
       When you appreciate your worth, it’ll be much easier to appreciate the worth of others. And you’ll find your relationships growing in love.

Step 2:
Fulfil Your Dreams
       This actually saved me.
       I wasn’t very good with Step 1, “Believe In Your Worthiness”.
       But by God’s grace, I learned my mission early. I gave my first talk as a 13-year old boy and it changed my life. I suddenly knew my sacred mission.
       I learned to dream about my ministry a long time ago.
       But I had a hard time dreaming about my dreams—like what house I wanted to live in and how much money I wanted to earn or what car I wanted to drive. Because I felt this would be selfish. Shouldn’t my whole life be for God alone? 
But years later, I learned that to honor those dreams in my heart was to honor God who gave me those dreams.
I began to love myself by working on fulfilling my dreams.
Do yourself a big favor. First, know your dreams. Second, go and reach for your dreams.
Why will this bless your relationships? Because once you honor your dreams, you’ll be able to honor the dreams of others too. You’ll encourage people in your life to grow.

Step 3:
Care For Your Needs
       My wife calls me a low-maintenance husband.
       I don’t need much to be happy.
       A part of that is good. But a part of that comes from my past: For years, I felt guilty if I wanted something. Like it was a bad thing. I had to wrestle with that too.
       Later on, I learned to be aware of my needs and meet them generously.
       One of my strongest needs is to be quiet, to be alone, to read a book, to reflect. So I give that to myself as often as I can.
       My other need is to exercise regularly.
       And when I’m exhausted, I get a massage. My wife knows that if I want to feel loved, she’ll give me a foot massage. It beats a delicious casserole anytime.
       And about money. There was a time when I didn’t like spending for myself, just for others. Again, I felt selfish if I did. 
I could spend money as long as it’s for God or for others. But I’ve always had a hard time spending for my own needs.
Hey, perhaps this isn’t your problem. I know others who come from the opposite direction: All they do is spend for themselves and don’t give to God or others. Well, I believe God will pull you towards my direction. And we’ll meet somewhere in the middle!
But slowly, I’m learning. Last month, I bought a nice pair of headphones for myself.  It was the noise-cancelling headphones, great when you want to sleep in airplanes. I still couldn’t buy the expensive brand that costs P5000. So I just bought the cheap brand worth P800. But still, I felt wonderful.
       Being a simple person, I still have very few needs. But those needs, I try to honor whenever I can.
       Go ahead. Write your own needs on a piece of paper. And see how you can honor them too. 
Again, this simple act will bless your relationships because you can now serve people’s needs with a heart full of love, not neediness.

Step 4:
Relate To The Right Image of God
I’ve met people whose God is always angry and condemning. Then I’m sorry, prayer won’t help. Because you’re praying to the wrong god.
Fix your picture of God.
Read books on God’s Love. Talk to spiritual people who have the right image of God. Capture this vision.
And allow that God to love you.
Let Him whisper to your heart that you’re more wonderful than you can ever imagine.
This is one of the goals of the GodWhispersClub. If you’re not yet subscribed, log on at www.GodWhispersClub.com. You’ll get a GodWhispers Email twice a week. It’s free.
       When you change your image of God, your relationships with others will change by leaps and bounds because you become like the God that you worship. If you worship a judgmental god, you’ll be judgmental too. But if you start worshipping a God of great compassion and love, you’ll (slowly) be like Him too.

Step 5:
Relate To The Right People
Remember: Needy people attract needy people.
So be careful with the people who enter into your life.
If you’re not careful, you may end up with an inappropriate number of what many authors call “Emotional Vampires”. These are people who suck out your love and joy. There are many kinds of Emotional Vampires: The Demanding. The arrogant and the self-righteous. The bitter. The unfaithful. The manipulative. Addicts. Parasites. Complainers. Critics.
Imagine your life as a three-seater couch.
Because you only have 24 hours a day, there’s a limit to the people who you can hang out with—in the same way that there are a limited number of people who can sit on that couch.
If the spaces are filled, they’re filled. Your life isn’t like Facebook where you can accommodate 5000 friends.
Here’s my point: If you’re always hanging out with Emotional Vampires who suck out your love, you won’t have time to hang out with great, nourishing, and inspiring people who can give you love.
Look. I’m not saying you should get rid of your toxic spouse or toxic mother. I’m not saying you don’t spend time with needy people. Love them! Remember that Jesus spent time with tax-collectors, prostitutes, and drunkards, reaching out to them in love. That was His main ministry. But He balanced this by spending time with his disciples and with His Father too.
So increase your time with people whose hearts aren’t filled with neediness but love. When you surround yourself with the right people, you fill your heart with love too. So look for mentors, teachers, and coaches who can bless you.
It could even be a virtual mentor. 
For example, by reading my Soulfood Letter each week, you’re “spending time” with me. You’ve made me a virtual mentor. (I’m happy to be of service to you.)
Proverbs 13:20 says, Whoever walks with the wise will become wise; whoever walks with fools will suffer harm.

Choose One Assignment From God
       Now that you’ve read all five actions, pick one.
       Not two, or three, or four, or five.
       Just one assignment from God for today.
1. Believe in your own worthiness
2. Fulfil your dreams
3. Care for your needs
4. Relate with the right God
5. Relate with the right people
But hey, whatever you chose is still pretty broad.
Write down what one specific action you can do today.
       Love yourself, my friend.
       May your dreams come true,
       Bo Sanchez


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FEATURED STORY (11/14/2009)


Some SVNHS students joins our advocacy

A Love Forum was conducted at San Vicente National High School last November 14, 2009.
Fourteen students from the said school attended and two other from other school.
The activities follows this program:
I. Song Practice
II. Praise and Worhsip
III. Getting Started: STRESS or CRISIS QUIZ
VI. Orientation on PURE LOVE NETWORK
VII. Pledge of Commitment signing and prayer
VIII. Commissioning
IX. Closing Prayer

X. Reminders


  • 23% of Filipino aged 13 –24 agree with premarital sex. (2nd International Congress on Education in Love, Sex and Life)
  • 35% of female college graduates in urban areas exercising their liberal roles, 40% were more likely to employ contraception. (1994 Young Adult Fertility and Sexuality Survey)
  • 30% of Filipino women become mothers before reaching their 21st birthday. 1 of every 10 babies is born to a teenage mother. (National Statistics Office, 2004)
  • 2 of every 5 teenage pregnancies are unwanted, more than 46% resort to induced abortion. (Kiko dela Tonga, of Likhaan Foundation)
  • In the country, 2 abortions happened every single minute. (Josefina Cabigon of the University of the Philippines Population Institute)   
  • In 1986 alone, Abortion was 3rd in the top 10 causes of hospitalization. (Statistics compiled by the Department of Health Hospital Development Plan for 1988 to 1992)
  • 33% of HIV positives in the country were within the age bracket of 15—24 years. (A Review of the Youth Situation and National Policies and Programmes: UNITED NATIONS, New York, 2000)
  • Youth are particularly vulnerable to STDs, with 24.4 percent of female and 24.3 percent of male surveyed in 1994.
  • In Caraga Region, 39 cases were found HIV positive. (DOH-Caraga).
  • In SY 2009 - 2010, 26 students got pregnant from the 18 public high schools in Butuan City, cases started as young as 13 years old. (DepEd - Butuan City Division).

  • Please God. Sex is designed for procreation not for pleasure. It is a precious gift vested only to a married couple.
  • Heighten a person's dignity and integrity.
  • Facilitate a person to become discipline and be the master of his/her emotions and desires.
  • Allow a person free of doubts and worries thus becomes objective in making great decisions in life.
  • In this modern age,  will serve as the greatest gift you can give to your future husband or wife.
  • Protect you from any sexually transmitted diseases and HIV - AIDS.
  • Lessen the cases of teenage pregnancies and motherhood, and abortions.



Dear God, I commit myself to preserve my chastity (secondary chastity) as a demonstration that I am for Christ.
That I value the virtue of chastity according to what it is designed for: for procreation not for pleasure.
That my chastity will be the greatest gift I can give to my future husband (wife).
That whatever happens I will protect my chastity (secondary chastity) until I'll get married, even of the expense of my life.
And I will promote Pure Love Network to my friends, classmates, neighbors, or to any person that will come into my life.
All this I'll faithfully adhere for the greater glory of God.
Bless me God, I pray. Amen.




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Thank you.

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An article from STAND UP GIRL

He Sacrificed Me
Written by Christina

I honestly feel that I just need to write everything I've been through these past 9 months. I know I've been going through all the other girls' blogs, reading them, taking it in, I can only hope someone will stop and read my story, just so they know they're not alone.

Ten very long months ago, I met a boy who I fell head-over-heels in love with. It seemed that we couldn't find anything we didn't have in common, we were two puzzle pieces that fit together perfectly. We decided to express our love in certain ways, and why not? What did we have to lose?

The harder we fell in love, the more selfish he became of me, I admit, it actually felt good to me that he didn't want me hanging out with friends, or talking to other guys, or going out without him period. I felt really wanted and really protected, even if it got annoying sometimes.

So December came, and I realized something wasn't right. I was pregnant. The first thought in my mind was this was a joke, but it wasn't. I had a little baby growing in my stomach. My boyfriend and I stole his mom's pregnancy test to make double sure, it said it would take 3 minutes to give a result and in less than 60 seconds the big, awful dreaded word PREGNANT appeared on the stick. I was devastated, but at the same time, I didn't cry, I just hugged my boyfriend and he told me everything was going to be okay.

I knew what I had to do. We both knew. We were young, we couldn't have a baby. I had a great music career going for me, I was going to be great! I wasn't going to let some little... fetus ruin that for me. My boyfriend agreed, having this baby would tear us apart and ruin our lives, maybe if we were older, but now wasn't the time. So we told my best friend and asked if she would help in punching me until the baby was gone. She said yes, but backed out and actually told people what we were planning, she was officially off my friend list.

Throughout December and January, I was vomiting randomly and dozing off at any chance I got. My boyfriend and I both did our homework and looked up abortion clinics. Unfortunately for me, Nebraska didn't have any abortion clinics that would perform without parental consent. We looked at Kansas, Iowa, etc. but still no luck... One night I snuck over to his house and we spent the whole night talking about the situation. We talked about what we would name the baby, I talked about how I had a feeling it was a boy, and what our lives would be if we did keep him. For the first time throughout my whole pregnancy, I wanted to keep him. I broke out into tears and asked why this happened to me, my boyfriend held me and told me it'd be okay...

Eventually it got to the point where it was March and we needed to do something quick. My boyfriend, who loved me very much, said he would punch me if that's what it took to get rid of the baby. I agreed, but it was half-heartedly. As each day went by he'd push me to go out drinking and get hammered or something or we'd talk about me smoking as many cigarettes as I can and when the time came for me to do it, for some reason I backed out. I was too tired, I wasn't ready, it can wait until next week. I always had an excuse. Something kept me from following through with those decisions.

Not even my boyfriend knew that every night I'd cry about not being able to keep my baby. I go to a catholic school, so I was very pro-life but when I became pregnant I gave myself enough reason and enough denial to make the excuse to abort or intentionally miscarry. What the problem was, was in 7th grade, my religion teacher would spend hours and hours talking about how bad abortion is. He showed our little 12 year old eyes pictures of aborted babies and he'd yell at the top of his lungs in class how wrong it is to kill an innocent life. Every time I thought about my baby, it was that teacher that popped up into my head. It was as if he knew 4 years from then, I was going to think about aborting my baby. I finally realized, I couldn't go through with it. I would keep it a secret from my school and family as long as I could.

So I spent the last 2 months of school fighting with my boyfriend and constantly worrying about someone finding out. I still did normal things, like play tennis, etc. and I got through school without anyone actually knowing. Until the last 3 days of school. I was called into the office by the school nurse, she wanted to talk, and I hadn't seen her in a long time so I figured it was about my physical. She told me her friend saw me at State Tennis wondering how far along I was. No matter how many times I denied I was pregnant, she rolled her eyes and said, "You need to tell me the truth". Eventually I cracked (30 minutes later), and she said that we'd have to tell my parents, for the baby's sake, and I agreed, as long as my parish priest would be there. So the 2nd to last day of school, I told them, and it was probably the worst moment of my life. To watch the strongest man on earth, my father, who could endure anything, react the way he did was devastating to me. I saw his heart break through his two blue eyes, and I was just so embarrassed to be his daughter. I felt like such a disgrace. My parents took it as any protective Catholic parent would. No more boyfriend, no going out. I was to stay out of the public eye at all times because they didn't want me to deal with the judgemental people of our town. I resented them for it at first, but now I guess I'm grateful.

For the past 4 months I've been praying that my baby's father would be there when I had him. He told me he would, and that everything'd be okay. So I was happy to know he was there still. Halfway through, he broke. He started smoking pot, lied to me about it, cheated on me, lied to me about that too, and I honestly don't know what else, and honestly i'm scared to find out. My heart broke into a million pieces. This is the one guy that I had been fighting to keep in my life, and to know while I was stuck suffering by myself while he was out partying with other girls and not giving one second's thought to me, crushed me. I resented the fact that my baby was going to have his eyes and dimples. I was so mad for letting myself get in this mess. I just wanted to kill myself.

I realize now that my boyfriend wasn't there for me at all through this. He was willing to sacrifice a lot for "us" but I didn't realize he was actually sacrificing ME. I realized that this isn't who my baby's going to look up to as a father, and that I can do all the things by myself.

I think there's a reason why women are the ones who get pregnant, and not men. Simply because men aren't strong enough to handle it. I think women have the power to take over the world, our only set back is that we think with our hearts and not our heads. Men think with their heads, just not the right one!!!

I'm ready to do this by myself. I'm excited to be the mommy of a little boy. It took me NINE MONTHS to realize who was there for me and who wasn't. It took me NINE MONTHS to realize that this little boy who doesn't even have the concept of right or wrong or morals or any of that was the one who stuck with me through it all. He fought to stay, and i'm glad I didn't take away his choice to life. I always thought it was me and my boyfriend's story, but really, all along, it was me and my baby's.



PURE LOVE NETWORK - Pledgers' Form

FEATURED STORY (10/31/2009)



I am so grateful receiving text messages from my young friends at Brgy. Basag, Butuan City, Philippines. I've meet these young kids on the year 2006 when I was still working with PANGKALAMBUAN, INC. a local partner of World Vision Foundation, Inc.                                            

I really enjoy their company, having my work with them, sharing their time in prayer, talking non-sense and etc. These kids were also the leaders of their fellow young, Whenever we have activities they are part of my FACILITATING TEAM.
That was three years ago. Now they are in High School. Constantly they are texting me and always invited me to visit them, if I have spare time. We have scheduled a day and agreed a place where we always have our gatherings had happen three years ago - Basag Shrine. You need to walk a 350 meters, 90 degree slope in order to reach the place.                                                                                    
October 31, 2009, 2:00 o'clock in afternoon was the agreed day and time.                                                                                                                                      

Instead of just visiting them talking and eating, together with my girlfriend we planned to share to them a CAUSE that we just recently promoting - "Preserving Chastity Until Marriage" through  the Pure Love Network.  

The day came, we arrived earlier than the agreed time. I almost lost my breathed upon ascending walking going to the place because I just donated blood two days ago. But upon reaching the place where you can view the panoramic scenery of Butuan City I feel fresh and relax. A rain falls for one hour that delayed the kids to climb in and came late.                                                                              

While waiting, with my girlfriend we enjoy the place and what make us more amuse was the showing of a rainbow. And we posed some pictures using a VGA camera from my celfone.

As they came, we greeted and show affection of missing each others presence. After few minutes of talking, we shared to them about Pure Love Network and they responded positively. After a solemn prayer they sign-up to join the network and signed the pledge of commitment.  They are the pioneering pledgers of the Pure Love Network namely, Markeen, Khirstene, Jhanisa, Sarah Jean, Betchay, Ton2x, and Jhong2x.

They not just commit to preserve their chastity, they also commit to promote the network and invite their friends to join our cause.                                                                                            

We ended by singing, praying, and inspiring each other.

It was almost dark when we descended from the place but I sensed the light of everyone willing to light those who are in darkness.

Pure Love Network

List of Pledgers

Date Name School/

11-Mar-10 Gelyn Yusalan MSU ADS, Phil.
13-Feb-10 Kaia Grace R. Kuizon FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
13-Feb-10 Marjorie Mae A. Bacor FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
13-Feb-10 Precious Mae O. Duan FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
13-Feb-10 Jezzel J. Obiedo FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
13-Feb-10 Ivy A. Doydora FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
13-Feb-10 Arlene D. Azur FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
13-Feb-10 Charmaine M. Clano FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
13-Feb-10 Maria Fe Casil FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
13-Feb-10 Angeline Saga FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
13-Feb-10 Charie May A. Supas FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
13-Feb-10 Mary Brittney L. Ido FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
13-Feb-10 Anselmo M. Baboc, Jr. FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
13-Feb-10 Allein James D. Golis FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
13-Feb-10 Kenneth A. Bombio FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
13-Feb-10 Roma Mario C. Tubit FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
13-Feb-10 Allan F. Babad, Jr. FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
13-Feb-10 Jobien M. Babia FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
13-Feb-10 John Paul L. Castañada FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
13-Feb-10 Leah Mae T. Francisco FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
13-Feb-10 Dennis Iyog FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
13-Feb-10 Jessalie Tadena FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
13-Feb-10 Cherry C. Patulilic FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
13-Feb-10 Violy Mae B. Tingcoy FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
13-Feb-10 Rolly C. Dapeñagan FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
13-Feb-10 Jocelyn T. Pael FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
13-Feb-10 Genefier R. Natividad FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
13-Feb-10 Rejane M. Orillos FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
13-Feb-10 Junel T. Barrete FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
13-Feb-10 Jose Cuizon, Jr. FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
13-Feb-10 Kenneth D. Toyor FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
13-Feb-10 Stephanie Keiz M. Abcede FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
13-Feb-10 Kier O. Visitacion FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
6-Feb-10 Ma. Eliany Dela-Peña Gio LNHS BXU, Phil.
6-Feb-10 Joan Lou C. Jumaday LNHS BXU, Phil.
6-Feb-10 Gelly T. Ladaga LNHS BXU, Phil.
6-Feb-10 Analiza C. Selle LNHS BXU, Phil.
6-Feb-10 Joan F. Salvador LNHS BXU, Phil.
6-Feb-10 Maria Evangeline C. Oro LNHS BXU, Phil.
6-Feb-10 Vanessa L. Hinayon LNHS BXU, Phil.
6-Feb-10 Michael B. Luna LNHS BXU, Phil.
6-Feb-10 Melanie E. Membrado LNHS BXU, Phil.
5-Feb-10 Barbara I. Alba ANHS BXU, Phil.
3-Feb-10 Tetche C. Superada BDC BXU, Phil.
3-Feb-10 Lealiza S. Pal BDC BXU, Phil.
30-Jan-10 Alberta M. Damasin FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
30-Jan-10 Louis Earl J. Romanvillos FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
30-Jan-10 Jan Carlos C. Narvasa FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
30-Jan-10 Clint Dave L. Burdeos FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
30-Jan-10 Diego M. Ano-os, Jr. FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
30-Jan-10 Allem Joy B. Cabahug FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
30-Jan-10 Jeremiah B. Capunan FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
30-Jan-10 Hazel Rose C. Alvar FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
30-Jan-10 Alven B. Magdua FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
30-Jan-10 Dave N. Kapunan FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
30-Jan-10 Sherwin O. Leopardas FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
30-Jan-10 Julius D. Pepito FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
30-Jan-10 Ivis Kent T. Soria FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
30-Jan-10 Jelly D. Magallano FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
30-Jan-10 Jonathan P. Brillo FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
30-Jan-10 Kate Gillian A. Ugay FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
30-Jan-10 Emile T. Balais FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
30-Jan-10 Ma. Thracy D. Asube FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
30-Jan-10 Mia Camille G. Bayno FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
30-Jan-10 Cristy M. Cagadas FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
30-Jan-10 Esther Novem A. Salonoy FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
30-Jan-10 Maria Jessa M. Gonzales FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
30-Jan-10 Aubrey D. Papa FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
23-Jan-10 Alberto M. Aquino, Jr. LNHS BXU, Phil.
23-Jan-10 Arjel S. Padoga  LNHS BXU, Phil.
23-Jan-10 Josseme Marie M. Fortun LNHS BXU, Phil.
23-Jan-10 Sarah Jean R. Bongabong LNHS BXU, Phil.
23-Jan-10 Jesse Mae T. Flores LNHS BXU, Phil.
23-Jan-10 Ellen Grace C. Pacaldo LNHS BXU, Phil.
23-Jan-10 Rogelyn C. Duran LNHS BXU, Phil.
23-Jan-10 Gemfel V. Torino LNHS BXU, Phil.
23-Jan-10 Gladys Joy Manos LNHS BXU, Phil.
23-Jan-10 Nelly Jean M. Lofranco LNHS BXU, Phil.
23-Jan-10 Argie R. Garzon LNHS BXU, Phil.
23-Jan-10 April Rose R. Ramirez LNHS BXU, Phil.
23-Jan-10 Mela Gracia E. Cruiz LNHS BXU, Phil.
23-Jan-10 Janelyn N. Contreras LNHS BXU, Phil.
23-Jan-10 Arvi Lou G. Odoya LNHS BXU, Phil.
23-Jan-10 Joy A. Cabarrubias LNHS BXU, Phil.
23-Jan-10 Rosenda L. Petalino LNHS BXU, Phil.
23-Jan-10 Colline A. Estrebella LNHS BXU, Phil.
23-Jan-10 Efremie M. Arquita LNHS BXU, Phil.
23-Jan-10 Danilyn S. Consigna LNHS BXU, Phil.
23-Jan-10 Annabelle L. Taragua LNHS BXU, Phil.
23-Jan-10 Sheryl L. Alagog LNHS BXU, Phil.
23-Jan-10 Wilma C. Flores LNHS BXU, Phil.
23-Jan-10 Ma. Janeth B. Miñoza LNHS BXU, Phil.
23-Jan-10 Honey Joy Audrimay F. Torres LNHS BXU, Phil.
23-Jan-10 Pauline Grace Lumbang LNHS BXU, Phil.
23-Jan-10 Erwin C. Estaño  LNHS BXU, Phil.
23-Jan-10 Jun Paul M. Garong LNHS BXU, Phil.
23-Jan-10 Rose-Ann B. Limato LNHS BXU, Phil.
23-Jan-10 Ershin P. Cirunay LNHS BXU, Phil.
23-Jan-10 Mario T. Orbita LNHS BXU, Phil.
23-Jan-10 Zarrah Mae D. Escobido LNHS BXU, Phil.
23-Jan-10 Roque James Navarez LNHS BXU, Phil.
23-Jan-10 Kerin Jay B. Dapar LNHS BXU, Phil.
23-Jan-10 Jennabel A. Loren LNHS BXU, Phil.
23-Jan-10 Karen A. Malig-on LNHS BXU, Phil.
23-Jan-10 Manilyn P. Miñoza LNHS BXU, Phil.
23-Jan-10 Jessa H. Calo LNHS BXU, Phil.
23-Jan-10 Kim Jhan Solano LNHS BXU, Phil.
23-Jan-10 Ramil M. Salas LNHS BXU, Phil.
23-Jan-10 Mark Anthony L. Pascual LNHS BXU, Phil.
23-Jan-10 Romeo P. Matildo LNHS BXU, Phil.
23-Jan-10 Edmar C. Estaño LNHS BXU, Phil.
18-Jan-10 Charlie T. Torres AIT BXU, Phil.
17-Jan-10 Ianna Marie B. Tejano UC Cebu, Phil.
16-Jan-10 Sheila Mar A. Gil SVNHS BXU, Phil.
16-Jan-10 Ednalyn B. De San Jose SVNHS BXU, Phil.
16-Jan-10 Rica M. Maambong SVNHS BXU, Phil.
16-Jan-10 Jefferson Cuadria SVNHS BXU, Phil.
16-Jan-10 Felmar C. Paran SVNHS BXU, Phil.
16-Jan-10 Jocel M. Perez SVNHS BXU, Phil.
16-Jan-10 Edlitte Jayne C. Amagan SVNHS BXU, Phil.
16-Jan-10 Nedel A. Namocatcat SVNHS BXU, Phil.
16-Jan-10 Daniel A. Rosales SVNHS BXU, Phil.
16-Jan-10 Lovely Rodela SVNHS BXU, Phil.
16-Jan-10 Miralyn M. Endriga SVNHS BXU, Phil.
16-Jan-10 Hardegen P. Lamoste SVNHS BXU, Phil.
16-Jan-10 Rommel G. Abogadie SVNHS BXU, Phil.
16-Jan-10 Arnel Yaro SVNHS BXU, Phil.
16-Jan-10 Felizardo Sabuero SVNHS BXU, Phil.
16-Jan-10 Iris S. Luminarias SVNHS BXU, Phil.
16-Jan-10 Jestoni L . Pag-ong SVNHS BXU, Phil.
11-Jan-10 Mary Rose Apple M. Mercado ANHS BXU, Phil.
9-Jan-10 Rafael Ian C. Bianan ANHS BXU, Phil.
8-Jan-10 Jeane Lumayno BXU, Phil.
21-Dec-09 Ian George J. Inot MSCIT BXU, Phil.
18-Dec-09 Eric Broñola CTU Cebu, Phil.
17-Dec-09 Josie Leah Alexander Yder MSU Medina, Phil.
17-Dec-09 Steffan Skye T. Pomicpic MSU BXU, Phil.
17-Dec-09 Daisy Rosendal MSU CDO, Phil.
17-Dec-09 Glenmar Faith E. Montillado MSU ADS, Phil.
17-Dec-09 Fevie Jean T. Acierda MSU BXU, Phil.
17-Dec-09 Aiza P. Balili MSU Iligan, Phil.
17-Dec-09 Cindy Ellen MSU Bohol, Phil.
16-Dec-09 Sheena Kris R. Almario MSU Cotabato, Phil.
14-Dec-09 Christelle Bianan ANHS BXU, Phil.
8-Dec-09 Mhaeniel Joyce P. delos Reyes ANHS BXU, Phil.
8-Dec-09 Evan Grace L. Acita ANHS BXU, Phil.
8-Dec-09 Vishna Babe P. Vasquez ANHS BXU, Phil.
23-Nov-09 Raquelyn E. Torita SVNHS BXU, Phil.
20-Nov-09 Marvin T. Cinco SVNHS BXU, Phil.
19-Nov-09 Lizly B. Aguillon FSUU BXU, Phil.
19-Nov-09 Jenifer A. Mompar FSUU BXU, Phil.
19-Nov-09 Anna Mariel S. Pugosa LNHS BXU, Phil.
19-Nov-09 Kirsty Jean S. Gegone LNHS BXU, Phil.
19-Nov-09 Glorisa O. Zulita LNHS BXU, Phil.
18-Nov-09 Jocelyn L. Española LNHS BXU, Phil.
18-Nov-09 Noelyn S. Babia LNHS BXU, Phil.
18-Nov-09 Jenny Lisondra LNHS BXU, Phil.
18-Nov-09 Daisy Grace D. Fortun LNHS BXU, Phil.
18-Nov-09 Gillana Rose J. Licayan LNHS BXU, Phil.
18-Nov-09 Annaluz M. Fuentes LNHS BXU, Phil.
18-Nov-09 Jean T. Ladaga LNHS BXU, Phil.
18-Nov-09 Jayrhom R. Almonteros LNHS BXU, Phil.
18-Nov-09 Mildrose R. Almonteros LNHS BXU, Phil.
18-Nov-09 Carleise Shane D. Tagarao LNHS BXU, Phil.
18-Nov-09 Jedidiah Emmanuel Corte LNHS BXU, Phil.
18-Nov-09 Sheilah T. Narvasa LNHS BXU, Phil.
18-Nov-09 Geraldine A. Parpan LNHS BXU, Phil.
18-Nov-09 Michael John L. Keleste SVNHS BXU, Phil.
18-Nov-09 Rosalie L. Marave SVNHS BXU, Phil.
18-Nov-09 Lyka Trillo SVNHS BXU, Phil.
18-Nov-09 Aubrey A. Carampatana SVNHS BXU, Phil.
17-Nov-09 Aramaica M. Bilbao FSUU BXU, Phil.
17-Nov-09 Jimelyn V. Patrong FSUU BXU, Phil.
17-Nov-09 Novie C. Celis FSUU BXU, Phil.
17-Nov-09 Adorah B. Adormeo FSUU BXU, Phil.
17-Nov-09 Nekeil Joy Tomaquin Por Cristo BXU, Phil.
17-Nov-09 Maria Canna L. Visto Por Cristo BXU, Phil.
17-Nov-09 Joanne B. Adormeo LNHS BXU, Phil.
17-Nov-09 Cresilda P. Ando SVNHS BXU, Phil.
17-Nov-09 Rolen I. Obenza SVNHS BXU, Phil.
17-Nov-09 Ynah Rose A. Rejas SVNHS BXU, Phil.
17-Nov-09 Querra May A. Daniles SVNHS BXU, Phil.
17-Nov-09 Zosmthita M. Fabiosa SVNHS BXU, Phil.
17-Nov-09 Angelica Mae S. Cortez SVNHS BXU, Phil.
17-Nov-09 Eunice P. Tumanda SVNHS BXU, Phil.
17-Nov-09 Janice C. Bantiles SVNHS BXU, Phil.
17-Nov-09 Ma. Rosema G. Rubenial SVNHS BXU, Phil.
17-Nov-09 Ernesto M. Chofita, Jr. SVNHS BXU, Phil.
17-Nov-09 Marlinda J. Doria SVNHS BXU, Phil.
17-Nov-09 Reneboy A. Tudtud SVNHS BXU, Phil.
17-Nov-09 Lhea Mae P. Cuenca SVNHS BXU, Phil.
16-Nov-09 Darwin A. Rosales SVNHS BXU, Phil.
16-Nov-09 Estela Z. Guarino SVNHS BXU, Phil.
16-Nov-09 Richard B. Prieto SVNHS BXU, Phil.
16-Nov-09 Marimar L. Villalba SVNHS BXU, Phil.
16-Nov-09 Maryflor J. Sandig SVNHS BXU, Phil.
16-Nov-09 Justine B. Villahermosa SVNHS BXU, Phil.
16-Nov-09 April Jane C. Canales ANHS BXU, Phil.
16-Nov-09 Mary Rose T. Aranas ANHS BXU, Phil.
16-Nov-09 Erlnor Joy G. Atenta ANHS BXU, Phil.
16-Nov-09 Desiree Joy O. Lopez ANHS BXU, Phil.
16-Nov-09 Mery Jane A. Belmonte ANHS BXU, Phil.
16-Nov-09 Jenielyn R. Yumol SVNHS BXU, Phil.
16-Nov-09 Sheila Mae A. Bantilan SVNHS BXU, Phil.
16-Nov-09 Rizamae C. Bacalso SVNHS BXU, Phil.
16-Nov-09 Kent Charlie R. Bardilas SVNHS BXU, Phil.
16-Nov-09 Honet Jane B. Cago SVNHS BXU, Phil.
16-Nov-09 Romar A. Bantilan SVNHS BXU, Phil.
16-Nov-09 Maita Dale M. Demellones SVNHS BXU, Phil.
16-Nov-09 Crezel Maika A. Castillon SVNHS BXU, Phil.
16-Nov-09 Allan M. Sibonga SVNHS BXU, Phil.
16-Nov-09 Rose Jane P. Lumba SVNHS BXU, Phil.
16-Nov-09 Cornelio S. Casilac, Jr. SVNHS BXU, Phil.
16-Nov-09 Ralp Ryan A. Sarsuelo SVNHS BXU, Phil.
16-Nov-09 Jessa Mae G. Prisco SVNHS BXU, Phil.
16-Nov-09 Cheralou R. Senones SVNHS BXU, Phil.
16-Nov-09 Cheeny C. Solusod SVNHS BXU, Phil.
16-Nov-09 Denh Glory M. Dublois SVNHS BXU, Phil.
16-Nov-09 Kessay Mae Baito SVNHS BXU, Phil.
16-Nov-09 Vigory Jemester C. Rayno SVNHS BXU, Phil.
16-Nov-09 Joy Lyn A. Samputon SVNHS BXU, Phil.
16-Nov-09 Marife C. Paran SVNHS BXU, Phil.
16-Nov-09 Myrajane Silabay LNHS BXU, Phil.
16-Nov-09 Emmalyn B. Loregas LNHS BXU, Phil.
16-Nov-09 Brayn B. Jomboy LNHS BXU, Phil.
16-Nov-09 Dianne Bertie B. Moral LNHS BXU, Phil.
16-Nov-09 Nhoime L. Gallos LNHS BXU, Phil.
14-Nov-09 Wishny G. Olayvar LNHS BXU, Phil.
14-Nov-09 Jovy J. Esma LNHS BXU, Phil.
14-Nov-09 Mayflor M. Pino NOMISIST BXU, Phil.
14-Nov-09 Kaishia Sheena Layka E. Rodas ANHS BXU, Phil.
14-Nov-09 Krizza Mae A. Rosales SVNHS BXU, Phil.
14-Nov-09 Juvelyn C. Langga  SVNHS BXU, Phil.
14-Nov-09 Marilyn P. Mata SVNHS BXU, Phil.
14-Nov-09 Reynalyn E. Sumampong SVNHS BXU, Phil.
14-Nov-09 Meriam A. Villaflor SVNHS BXU, Phil.
14-Nov-09 Miraluna E. Sumampong SVNHS BXU, Phil.
14-Nov-09 Daisy B. Mangubat SVNHS BXU, Phil.
14-Nov-09 Benjie A. Villaflor SVNHS BXU, Phil.
14-Nov-09 Princess Adelrina R. Guzman SVNHS BXU, Phil.
14-Nov-09 Dessiren V. Jala SVNHS BXU, Phil.
14-Nov-09 John Eduard L. Alegrado SVNHS BXU, Phil.
14-Nov-09 Annaliza M. Punta SVNHS BXU, Phil.
14-Nov-09 Cherrylyn J. Silagan SVNHS BXU, Phil.
14-Nov-09 Shio Ann Chris B. Branzuela SVNHS BXU, Phil.
13-Nov-09 Harlan C. Abbas LNHS BXU, Phil.
13-Nov-09 Marlou Astillero PYA BXU, Phil.
13-Nov-09 Lambert G. Astillero NMSF BXU, Phil.
13-Nov-09 Jaquelyn G. Flores PYA BXU, Phil.
13-Nov-09 Alfie D. Hinayon BNHS BXU, Phil.
13-Nov-09 Zeson A. Lelis MNHS BXU, Phil.
13-Nov-09 Raul A. Lelis PYA BXU, Phil.
13-Nov-09 Jerry Yan L. Balaba TES BXU, Phil.
13-Nov-09 Jhon Carlo Siso PYA BXU, Phil.
13-Nov-09 Bobby B. Hinayon PYA BXU, Phil.
12-Nov-09 Carla Angelique N. Padua ANHS BXU, Phil.
12-Nov-09 Danica Nikki V. Boniel ANHS BXU, Phil.
12-Nov-09 Kristine A. Naïve ANHS BXU, Phil.
11-Nov-09 Rizza Acero DSWD BNA, Phil.
11-Nov-09 Nicole C. Sancjez ANHS BXU, Phil.
10-Nov-09 Julie Mae L. Tudlasan FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
10-Nov-09 Ken Maglasang FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
10-Nov-09 Jerome G. Morcillos FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
9-Nov-09 Marga 
9-Nov-09 Grace S. Babor FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
9-Nov-09 Lindy Lou C. Inas FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
9-Nov-09 Sharmaine Mae A. Ido FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
9-Nov-09 Noel P. Sastrellas FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
9-Nov-09 Sunshine Marie Q. Guiritan FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
9-Nov-09 May Ann L. Superada ANHS BXU, Phil.
9-Nov-09 Sheila Mae M. Papes ANHS BXU, Phil.
7-Nov-09 Honey Marie L. Tulin MSU BXU, Phil.
4-Nov-09 Mary Joy F. Tadena TNHS BXU, Phil.
4-Nov-09 Marlyn Caderao TNHS BXU, Phil.
4-Nov-09 Aiza I. Paner TNHS BXU, Phil.
4-Nov-09 Jovy L. Flores TNHS BXU, Phil.
4-Nov-09 Zara Ellyan Tabugon TNHS BXU, Phil.
4-Nov-09 May Lanie B. Bunghanoy TNHS BXU, Phil.
2-Nov-09 Rovejen R. Longakit TNHS BXU, Phil.
1-Nov-09 Jazztine Favor TNHS BXU, Phil.
1-Nov-09 Raymond A. Tero ANHS BXU, Phil.
31-Oct-09 Elsbeth Louise M. Gulde FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
31-Oct-09 Khirstene Kheene J. Blanes FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
31-Oct-09 Joe Anthony Pondang FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
31-Oct-09 Dolfuss A. Sampayan FUHSAI BXU, Phil.
31-Oct-09 Jhanisa Rose B. Eclavia ANHS BXU, Phil.
31-Oct-09 Sarah Jean R. Timbal ANHS BXU, Phil.
28-Oct-09 Markeen Tero PNU  BXU, Phil.
28-Oct-09 Bonfacio P. Dumago PLN BXU, Phil.