FEATURED STORY (10/31/2009)



I am so grateful receiving text messages from my young friends at Brgy. Basag, Butuan City, Philippines. I've meet these young kids on the year 2006 when I was still working with PANGKALAMBUAN, INC. a local partner of World Vision Foundation, Inc.                                            

I really enjoy their company, having my work with them, sharing their time in prayer, talking non-sense and etc. These kids were also the leaders of their fellow young, Whenever we have activities they are part of my FACILITATING TEAM.
That was three years ago. Now they are in High School. Constantly they are texting me and always invited me to visit them, if I have spare time. We have scheduled a day and agreed a place where we always have our gatherings had happen three years ago - Basag Shrine. You need to walk a 350 meters, 90 degree slope in order to reach the place.                                                                                    
October 31, 2009, 2:00 o'clock in afternoon was the agreed day and time.                                                                                                                                      

Instead of just visiting them talking and eating, together with my girlfriend we planned to share to them a CAUSE that we just recently promoting - "Preserving Chastity Until Marriage" through  the Pure Love Network.  

The day came, we arrived earlier than the agreed time. I almost lost my breathed upon ascending walking going to the place because I just donated blood two days ago. But upon reaching the place where you can view the panoramic scenery of Butuan City I feel fresh and relax. A rain falls for one hour that delayed the kids to climb in and came late.                                                                              

While waiting, with my girlfriend we enjoy the place and what make us more amuse was the showing of a rainbow. And we posed some pictures using a VGA camera from my celfone.

As they came, we greeted and show affection of missing each others presence. After few minutes of talking, we shared to them about Pure Love Network and they responded positively. After a solemn prayer they sign-up to join the network and signed the pledge of commitment.  They are the pioneering pledgers of the Pure Love Network namely, Markeen, Khirstene, Jhanisa, Sarah Jean, Betchay, Ton2x, and Jhong2x.

They not just commit to preserve their chastity, they also commit to promote the network and invite their friends to join our cause.                                                                                            

We ended by singing, praying, and inspiring each other.

It was almost dark when we descended from the place but I sensed the light of everyone willing to light those who are in darkness.

Pure Love Network

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