Love Forum is the network's main activity, it is a one (1) hour prayer fellowship and a forum discussing the social issues that generally affects the lives of the young such as, pre-marital sex, teenage pregnancy and motherhood, abortion, STI, HIV and AIDS, and gender biases.

The Love Forum utilizes an interactive approach to deliver the core message that the network wants to communicate on subject where the participants enjoy so much. Based on experience after a session on the love forum, the young are always asking for more.

Love Feast is a gathering of people who wishes to engage in a process of deepening self discovery to facilitate greater understanding and connection between people.

Other Activities: 
  1. Organize networks in school campuses and communities.
  2. Establish linkages to other groups or agencies to intensify the impact of the advocacy. 
  3. Respond to invitations and develop partnerships to individuals or groups.

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