Pure Love Network is a non-profit, non-sectarian, advocate organization  committed to give venue to everyone who wishes to engage in a process of deepening self discovery to facilitate greater understanding and connection between people.

PLN is also committed to initiate program to protect this generation from any sexual and gender related issues arising today. 

We believe that the ultimate solution  in preventing teenage pregnancy and motherhood, abortions, sexually transmitted infections, HIV and AIDS, and gender issues is to educate the young to adhere to Christian virtues regarding sexuality and gender equality.

Vision Statement:
A helping institution for the advocacy and promotion of Christian relationships that will be  both nurturing and empowering the youth for the realization of their true potentials and dreams.   

Mission Statement:
We strive to build strategic partnerships in the community with the active participation of the youth as catalyst in the pursuit of effective projects and programs that will impact both facilitators and learners in the values of chastity and virtues that promote Christian-based relationship among the young people.

Goal Statement:
“A youth-focused organization that initiates projects and services that shall provide education and protection to the young for any sexual issues of public interest, such as child trafficking, internet pornography, and child abuses”
1.     To complement communities and school’s values education program.
2.     To supplement communities and school’s peer support, leadership and empowerment program.
3.     To create venues for emotional support, counseling and guidance to the youth.
  1. Sexuality Program - a program educating the young the basic of sexuality. It is designed to effect constant soul-searching through which both teachers and learners can check their progress in developing and enhancing respect for life. The program utilizes the Learn to Live and Love developed by Prolife Philippines.
  2. Gender Equality and Development - calls for an understanding and consideration of the socio-cultural factors underlying discrimination based on sex (whether against women or men). 
  3. Self -Help / Growth -a process of deepening self discovery to facilitate greater understanding and connection between people.
  4. CRISIS TEXT HELPLINE -  is a tele-counseling program catered for convenient, confidential, and inexpensive way in extending emotional support and guidance to youth in crisis.  Mobile No. 0921-526-3366

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