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Brief History
April 18, 2009, Mr. Bonifacio P. Dumago & Ms. Markeen A. Tero became a lover. The very first thing they promised is that they will respect each other and agreed “NO” to pre-marital sex until they got married. On October 31, 2009, they were inspired to motivate others, especially the youth to do the same, thus they founded Pure Love Network. With the help of Bp. Zacarias C. Jimenez, D.D. and the support of some kind-hearted people it was incorporated and was registered to Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) with Registration No. CN201131088 on August 03, 2011.

September 03, 2011, Mr.Dumago & Ms. Tero got married and blessed with two lovely children and commenced additional programs for parents empowerment. DepEd, CSWD, and the Government of Butuan City are their partners in implementing its programs and services held in school campuses and communities around the City.

Pure Love Network helps our Government in the intervention of suppressing the crisis on teenage pregnancies, suicide, HIV-AIDS, illegal drugs used and abused, and school dropouts by conducting forums, workshops, seminars and training on “Values of Sexuality”. Since its founding, the advocacy had reached 3,835 young people and around 1,464 parents.

Vision Statement
A helping organization for the advocacy and promotion of Christian relationships that will be both nurturing and empowering the youth and family for the realization of their true potentials and dreams.  

Mission Statement
We strive to build strategic partnerships in the community with the active participation of the youth and the family as catalyst in the pursuit of effective projects and programs that will impact both facilitators and learners in the values of chastity and virtues.

Goal Statement
“A youth and family focused organization that initiates projects and services that shall provide education and protection to the young and the families.”
1.      To complement communities and school’s values formation/education program.
2.    To supplement communities and school’s peer support, leadership and empowerment  program.

3.      To create venues for emotional support, counseling and guidance to the youth and the  family.

Programs & Services
1.      Teen Sexuality Awareness Program
2.      Gender Sensitivity, Equality & Development Program.
3.      Millennial Parents Empowerment Program
4.      Teen in Crisis TXTLine: 0926.521.3366

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