by Yzay Mangubat, PLN News Writer

Pure Love Network explained about homosexuality during the Love Forum with the San Vicente National High School students last January 16, 2010.The event started at 2:00 o'clock in the afternoon facilitated by Kuya Bonie assisted by the BOP (Bearers of Purity) members. BOP are the volunteers of PLN.

There were about 25 students attending and actively participating in the event. The event was started with a prayer and then, the participants were divided into four dynamic groups.  Each group discussed with the guide question, "WHEN YOU SEE A HOMOSEXUAL, WHAT COMES FIRST IN YOUR MIND?". After the set time the group reported their discussion to the plenary. As they present their works they  had one view in common and it was about accepting those homosexuals because it was not their fault why they are like that and they cannot blame them.

The group of the homosexual students also expressed their feelings during the forum. They said, even though they are different, they have also a fragile heart and they know how to love and respect one another. They believe God has purpose for their lives.

After the whole group discussions, Kuya Bonie presented a video clip called "Baby Steps", showing a child inside the mother's womb from 8 Weeks until the baby was delivered to the outside world. Kuya Bonie explicitly explained why there are homosexuals and gave these points to the participants.
  • for the homosexuals, being a homosexual is a gift, God permitted that you were born to be like that for a special purpose. Discovering that purpose will make your life wonderful, productive, and will make you whole. Do not become homosexual perverts, it will just ruin your life and your soul.
  • for the whole participants, we have to respect a person whoever or whatever he or she may be. Everyone is a creation of God and deserve our full respect and admiration. Homosexuals are persons, God is also with them, let us see them on how God sees them.

The love forum was successfully ended at exactly 4:00 o'clock in the afternoon with a solemn prayer.

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