"SAFE SEX" Can Kill You

It only take once to:
  • get pregnant
  • get venereal disease
  • die from AIDS
Your Teen Years

Your teen years should be a very special time for you; a time to study and learn; to think about what you would like to do in the future; to develop friendships; and to grow into the kind of person you want to be as an adult. This time has been set aside for you by nature, to be the prime time for your identity formation.

This is an exciting time for you to discover the opposite sex, but without having to deal with the complications of being involved in sexual activity.

Dating can be a lot of fun without sex! Getting into the sexual scene can short-circuit the growth you need to become a mature adult!

What about the pill?

The pill is especially dangerous for you if you are a teenager under 17. It contains a powerful hormone that affects the master gland in your body. That master gland is trying to coordinate your growth process. The pill can prevent your bones from hardening properly; it can make you sterile, preventing pregnancies later in life when you may want to have a baby; it can cause phlebitis (inflammation of your veins, which can cause blood clots).

Aren't condoms safe?

Absolutely not! Using rubbers (condoms) to prevent AIDS is likely playing Russian Roulette - your life is at stake!

20% of condom lots tested by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) in 1987, were found to have higher than allowed numbers of defective condoms. Condoms also fail 3 to 36% of the time in preventing pregnancy, according to the Center for Disease Control.

That Special Gift

Having sex before marriage is sort of like giving out all your Christmas gifts in July. It may be fun at the time. But when that big day comes around, the presents have all been given out! The fun of giving that special gift to that special person at that very special time, is gone.

Wait until you finish your education and can make a life-long commitment in marriage with a partner you know to be disease-free, before you give your special gift of sex.

It isn't easy!

When people say "it's not realistic to tell teenagers not to have sex," what they're really saying is that you do not have the strength, the courage, or the common sense to practice self-control; that you are not capable of saying "No" to sex!

Nobody is trying to tell you that restraining from sex is easy. Nothing worthwhile in life comes easy. But it's a lot better than putting yourself through the grief of an unwanted pregnancy and having to make the decision that go with it, or putting yourself at risk of contracting an embarrassing or life-threatening disease.

Don't be afraid you'll lose him/her if you say "no" to sex. If your friend wants you only for your physical self, they're not worth keeping as friends anyway!

Don't fall for the misleading slogan, "safe sex." There is no such thing for you.

Don't allow yourself to be pressured into sexual activity.

Why take chances?

In 1987, the Atlanta Center for Disease Control reported over 10 million new cases of Sexually Transmitted Diseases with another 10 million suspected. How many of these couples do you suppose felt they were practicing "safe sex"?

Remember, some Sexually Transmitted Diseases are incurable, some cause you to be sterile, some are thought to cause cancer of the cervix, some kill, and others are just plain painful and irritating.

Don't take a risk that you don't have to take. Find someone who respects you for your total being - someone you enjoy being with without feeling pressured into sex; someone with whom you can keep your self-esteem.

Don't take unnecessary chances with your health. Play it really safe - Say "NO" to drugs! Say "NO" to alcohol! Say "NO" to sex!

It's your health; it's your body. Protect it with your life!

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  1. I agree with this , this is very helpful to teenagers.This help them realize that having sex at the early age can just cause them danger.