by Shio Ann Chris B. Branzuela of SVNHS

A day came when you courted me
Despite of weaknesses, you pursue to love me
I doubt for your sincerity
But you've proven that someone will love me
Although I'm just simply me

I accepted your love with fear inside
The reason is I'm afraid to be hurt again
But you help me to be gallant enough
To overcome what ever hurting I'll encounter in love

Now I realized that I'm in love
To you the person I doubted once
You're my inspiration to face all the challenges in my life
You consoles me when I'm down
And you gave meaning to my life

Everyday I'm excited to see you
'Coz what am I longing to be with is you
The person that treated me like a Baby Princess
And I'm so grateful for what you do
You've change everything in me
From a negative thinker to a positive minded I could be

This time I'm afraid to loss you
"Coz it's difficult to search someone like you
Having you is a big gift from God
Because you're not like just an ordinary breed
But the every woman dreamed to be with

In our life we don't know if when will be apart
But theres just only three things I want to do
Before each of us go to our different paths...

...To hold your hands
...To stare at your eyes and
...To see you smile

Coz if I could be to follow
I'll choose you to be with forever... I hope so.

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