Pure Love Network – Basic Orientation Seminar (PLN-BOS) is a program educating the young the basic of sexuality and skills of gender sensitivity and nonviolent communication.

The program is design as an invitation to the young people to take responsibility, to take action in response to the overwhelming message of lust and violence.

Overview of the program:

Refers to our total masculinity and femininity. It consist of the way we behave, think, and feel. It   includes our belief in God, our moral values. Then comes the physical aspect of sex. All of these make up our sexuality. It involves more than our body. Human sexuality is all the physical, spiritual, mental and emotional traits that make us male and female.

Homosexuality is the state of a person sexually drawn to members of the same sex. Homosexual acts are genital acts performed with persons of the same sex.
It is important to note that:
  • A person may be a homosexual but not engage in homosexual acts, that is, he/she lives a happy life of chastity.
  • A person may not be a homosexual, but nevertheless engage in homosexual acts.
  • There is a spectrum of personality types going from completely heterosexual orientation to homosexual orientation.
Gender Sensitivity is the ability to recognize gender issues, especially women’s different perceptions and interests arising from their unique social location and gender roles. It calls for an understanding and        consideration of the socio-cultural factors underlying discrimination based on sex (whether against women or men).

Nonviolent Communication is a combination of thinking and language, as well as a means of using power designed to serve a specific intention. This intention is to create the quality of connection with other people and oneself that allows compassionate giving to take place.

PLN – BOS takes off last April 29 – 30, 2010 held at PLN Center, Por Cristo, Provincial Hospital, Libertad, Butuan City.  It was participated by six active participants.

After the two-day orientation seminar the participants gave the following feedbacks:

Markeen: “I am so blessed... thanks for the enlightenment, I learned a lot. I am hoping that it will not end here.”

Joanne: “The seminar is good, not boring. Although were few but still we are lively and happy.”

Jindy: “It is a great experience to have the freedom to express your thought and be one with God through being chaste. The Lectures where so substantial thus it is an eye-opener and it is needed to be shared to others. It is very educational, fun and fulfilling experience.”

Jocelyn: “It helps me identify myself, and try to think ways and actions that are good to me and to others. The activity will teach the teens to show respect and give equality to others.”

Darlyn: “I was amazed of what it had given me, I really gained a lot of things today that are so significant to self development. I learned now how to appreciate the value of respect, love and interacting with other people. I realized that violence are ruling the world, through the activity
I feel responsible to myself, the young and the future generation. Also, I felt that I have the power/responsibility to share and pass the knowledge I’ve learned.”

Khirstene Kheene: “I’m so thankful & I blessed nga naka-apil ko aning PLN-BOS, daghan gyud kaayo ko’g nakat-onan. Na enligthened ang akong mind, the way I really feel and the way I act and behave... I hope and pray nga hatagan ko’g strength and courage to share the knowledge and wisdom I’ve learned and discovered. ”

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