Sex Education

Sex education has been one of the hottest talks in the country, thanks be to God for the newly appointed DepEd Secretary Bro. Armin Luistro, he ordered to stop the implementation of sex education that has been integrated to secondary subjects and even to grade six and five.

Pure Love Network is not against sex education; it is that there are factors to be considered before bringing the subject to the classrooms. First, who influenced the decision of making sex education a subject in school curriculum? If majority of the parents are requesting for it, then DepEd should think about it. Second, who made the module of the subject? The materials to be used for teaching the subject should be made in collaboration with the teachers of morality (church) and other groups representing the sector of the parents and not from a ready-made by aliens who just want to distort the Filipino values and principles. Third, are the teachers ready to teach sex education to the children? Educator should be comfortable with his or her own sexuality to effectively explain the subject matter. We might learn later that even to their own children they could not discuss about sex and other topics related to it. And fourth, how can we assure that the moral conviction of the teacher conformed to the established norms we have?

PLN strategy is based on the notion that the greatest need of this generation is “Intimacy and Affirmation.” Our program is designed to established relationships to the students creating a venue of genuine intimacy on which each member can help and support each other. With PLN’s leadership and capability schemes the student’s ideals, creativity, and innovative are affirmed. PLN will initiate an opportunities for the members to express and do of what they believe can make them a better and mature persons.                   

Currently, six public high schools in Butuan City accepted Pure Love Network programs, educating more than four hundred fifty students. There will be a session with these students once a week in their respective schools. This school year, we aim to educate and empower two thousand (2,000) young people.

Be part of this noble cause, feel free to contact us or become a PLN Friend.

Bonifacio P. Dumago
Advocacy Director

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