by Markeen A. Tero, PLN News Writer

January 23, 2010 was the first Love Forum held at Libertad National High School, Libertad, Butuan City. Fifty three students attended the event, we would love to acknowledge and thank Mr. Coro, the Principal, Mrs. Flores, the Guidance Councilor, and the Faculty of the school for their support.

The activity was started with a song practice lead by 4th year student Janelyn Contreras, assisted by April Rose Ramirez, after then an opening prayer was made.  Kuya Bonie introduced the facilitating team (volunteers from San Vicente National High School) of the activity and then made a roll call of the participants. The activity was followed by a leveling of expectations. Most of the participants expect that the activity is all about relationships.

The first workshop was a group debate. The proposition was "IS IT OKEY FOR A 15 OR 16 YEAR OLD TO ENGAGE IN A BOY-GIRL RELATIONSHIP?" Eighty percent of the participants did not agree with the statement. The debate was lively and very energetic.
Here are the points of the debate:

  • It is okey to have a boy-girl relationship provided it is permitted by the parents. As a teenager we should enjoy life.
  • It is okey as long as you handle the relationship correctly by making a balance of your priorities.
  • it is okey, it is just a matter of good handling of your self.
  • It's not okey, in the stage of our life now we should focus in our studies.
  • Our priority should be God, self, family, ministry, and study.  
  • Boy-Girl relationship has its own time, at the proper age maybe 18 year old or above.
  • A teenager should set his or her future first, such as discovering his/herself, dreams in life, and priorities before engaging in boy-girl relationship.
The debate was ended with a loud applause. Everyone was satisfied being able to expressed themselves. Kuya Bonie explained that there is always diversity on how we understand things, including boy-girl relationship. Factors are our up-bringing, the culture, the thinking of our parents, the society we belong, and etc. what matters most is that we take responsible with our decisions and actions, and we must always think that there is always a limitations in every actions, and we must not cross that limitations or else youll encounter unnecessary problems.

An awareness test was followed, it is called STRESS or CRISIS TEST. Ten items of scenarios/situations was presented and the participants will choose whether it is a crisis or stress, the group incurred seven correct answers. The definition of crisis and stress was discussed after which another group work was held. The participants was divided into six groups and given the task to choose two crisis situations presented previously and then created what will be the possible scenarios from their chosen crisis situation.

The following crisis situations were presented by the groups:
  • teenage pregnancy
  • divorce/separation of parents
  • unexpected death of a parent
  • being fired from work
They explained that this crisis would cause lose of hope, disintegration of families, damaged reputations, inclination to vices, poverty, sickness, dropping out in school, and miserable future.

There awareness was broaden through the presentation of results from various studies made such as:
  1. The 1994 Young Adult Fertility and Sexuality Survey (YAFSS) of 11,000 young people, ages 15 to 24 years, conducted by Dr. Z. C. Zablan, professor of demography at the Population Institute of the University of the Philippines, revealed that 18 percent of Filipino youths approved premarital sex, 80 percent disapproved, and 2 percent were neutral.
  2. The same YAFSS survey showed that a large number of female college graduates residing in urban areas (35 percent) were exercising their liberal roles, both in their personal and professional lives with flexible sexual attitudes, while 40 percent were more likely to employ contraception.
  3. Data from the National Statistics Office showed that of 1.7 million babies born in 2004, almost 8 percent were born to mothers aged 15-19. Almost 30 percent of Filipino women become mothers before reaching their 21st birthday. In 2000 alone, young mothers gave birth to 818,000 babies, this means that almost 1 of every 10 babies is born to a teenage mother.
  4. Kiko dela Tonga, of Likhaan Foundation, cited a recent study done by the Population Institute of the University of the Philippines showing that more than four million Filipinos aged 15-19 have had sexual intercourse. He said two of every five teenage pregnancies are unwanted ones; more than 46 percent of young pregnant women resort to induced abortion.
  5. In Metro Manila study made by Josefina Cabigon of the University of the Philippines Population Institute, 17 percent of the 1,169 women surveyed admitted having had an abortion.
  6. Every year, as many as 750,000 women undergo induced abortion in illegal "clinics" all  over the Philippines.  Many of these women eventually die from infection, hemorrhage and other complications. Statistics compiled by the Department of Health Hospital Development Plan for 1988 to 1992 reveal that in 1986 alone abortion was third in the top 10causes of hospitalization. A large percentage of this is believed to be induced abortion.
  7. A Review of the Youth Situation and National Policies and Programmes: UNITED NATIONS, New York, 2000.  Of the 660 individuals in the Philippines who reportedly tested positive for HIV, a total of 72, or 33 per cent, were within the age bracket of 15 to 24 years. 
  8. Youth are particularly vulnerable to Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), with 24.4 percent of female youth and 24.3 percent of male youth surveyed in 1994 found to have at least one serious reproductive health problem. Given the proportion of youth who are sexually active, they are particularly vulnerable to STDs and other reproductive health problems. Gonorrhea is the most prevalent type of STD to affect the general population.
The participants in the room were quiet. Kuya Bonie asked, "Do you think you can do something about it?" A loud "YES" was an answer. The orientation of Pure Love Network advocacy "NO SEX UNTIL MARRIAGE" is the concrete action they can do to make a difference. 82 percent of the participants pledge to preserved their chastity until they got married.

After filling up the pledgers form, six students committed to become volunteers of Pure Love Network, they are willing to give some of their time to be actively involved in promoting the advocacy. They are, Joanne Adormeo, Sarah Jean Bongabong, Annabelle Taragua, Danilyn Consigna, Junnabel Loren, and Karen Malig-on.

What the participants said about the love forum:
  • Jun Paul, "It will be a great help to the young!"
  • Arjel, "I enjoyed the discussions and learned a lot."
  • Jonelyn,"I like the activity, important details were clearly presented. I've learned so many things."
  • Edgardo,Jr., "I've learned to appreciate to preserve my chastity until marriage."
  • Gladys Joy, "It is nice and interesting, I like the topics."
  • Myra Jane, "It's fun. It allows us to express ourselves to others."
  • Pauline Grace, "I really appreciated the efforts of the people behind this advocacy. They visualizes how chastity and pureness is so important, especially to the teenagers."
  • Josie Marie, "I've learned how to protect my dignity."
  • Alberto, Jr., "I have now the vehicle to promote the virtue of chastity."
  • Danilyn, "Ladies must protect themselves from lust and be modess at all time."
  • Jesse Mae, "I now understand relationships, to God, friends and others. I somehow understand now the word Love."
  • Annabelle, "Nice activity for the young to prevent teenage pregnancies."
  • Ma. Janeth, "I enjoy the activity and I like the snacks."
  • Erwin, "I am clarified on how to respect the person's dignity and integrity."
  • Honey Joy, "I really enjoy the activity, I am very thankful to the facilitators. I hope next love forum more students will attend."
The event was ended with a solemn praise and prayer.
Photos of the activity.


by Yzay Mangubat, PLN News Writer

Pure Love Network explained about homosexuality during the Love Forum with the San Vicente National High School students last January 16, 2010.The event started at 2:00 o'clock in the afternoon facilitated by Kuya Bonie assisted by the BOP (Bearers of Purity) members. BOP are the volunteers of PLN.

There were about 25 students attending and actively participating in the event. The event was started with a prayer and then, the participants were divided into four dynamic groups.  Each group discussed with the guide question, "WHEN YOU SEE A HOMOSEXUAL, WHAT COMES FIRST IN YOUR MIND?". After the set time the group reported their discussion to the plenary. As they present their works they  had one view in common and it was about accepting those homosexuals because it was not their fault why they are like that and they cannot blame them.

The group of the homosexual students also expressed their feelings during the forum. They said, even though they are different, they have also a fragile heart and they know how to love and respect one another. They believe God has purpose for their lives.

After the whole group discussions, Kuya Bonie presented a video clip called "Baby Steps", showing a child inside the mother's womb from 8 Weeks until the baby was delivered to the outside world. Kuya Bonie explicitly explained why there are homosexuals and gave these points to the participants.
  • for the homosexuals, being a homosexual is a gift, God permitted that you were born to be like that for a special purpose. Discovering that purpose will make your life wonderful, productive, and will make you whole. Do not become homosexual perverts, it will just ruin your life and your soul.
  • for the whole participants, we have to respect a person whoever or whatever he or she may be. Everyone is a creation of God and deserve our full respect and admiration. Homosexuals are persons, God is also with them, let us see them on how God sees them.

The love forum was successfully ended at exactly 4:00 o'clock in the afternoon with a solemn prayer.


by Shio Ann Chris B. Branzuela of SVNHS

A day came when you courted me
Despite of weaknesses, you pursue to love me
I doubt for your sincerity
But you've proven that someone will love me
Although I'm just simply me

I accepted your love with fear inside
The reason is I'm afraid to be hurt again
But you help me to be gallant enough
To overcome what ever hurting I'll encounter in love

Now I realized that I'm in love
To you the person I doubted once
You're my inspiration to face all the challenges in my life
You consoles me when I'm down
And you gave meaning to my life

Everyday I'm excited to see you
'Coz what am I longing to be with is you
The person that treated me like a Baby Princess
And I'm so grateful for what you do
You've change everything in me
From a negative thinker to a positive minded I could be

This time I'm afraid to loss you
"Coz it's difficult to search someone like you
Having you is a big gift from God
Because you're not like just an ordinary breed
But the every woman dreamed to be with

In our life we don't know if when will be apart
But theres just only three things I want to do
Before each of us go to our different paths...

...To hold your hands
...To stare at your eyes and
...To see you smile

Coz if I could be to follow
I'll choose you to be with forever... I hope so.

"SAFE SEX" Can Kill You

It only take once to:
  • get pregnant
  • get venereal disease
  • die from AIDS
Your Teen Years

Your teen years should be a very special time for you; a time to study and learn; to think about what you would like to do in the future; to develop friendships; and to grow into the kind of person you want to be as an adult. This time has been set aside for you by nature, to be the prime time for your identity formation.

This is an exciting time for you to discover the opposite sex, but without having to deal with the complications of being involved in sexual activity.

Dating can be a lot of fun without sex! Getting into the sexual scene can short-circuit the growth you need to become a mature adult!

What about the pill?

The pill is especially dangerous for you if you are a teenager under 17. It contains a powerful hormone that affects the master gland in your body. That master gland is trying to coordinate your growth process. The pill can prevent your bones from hardening properly; it can make you sterile, preventing pregnancies later in life when you may want to have a baby; it can cause phlebitis (inflammation of your veins, which can cause blood clots).

Aren't condoms safe?

Absolutely not! Using rubbers (condoms) to prevent AIDS is likely playing Russian Roulette - your life is at stake!

20% of condom lots tested by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) in 1987, were found to have higher than allowed numbers of defective condoms. Condoms also fail 3 to 36% of the time in preventing pregnancy, according to the Center for Disease Control.

That Special Gift

Having sex before marriage is sort of like giving out all your Christmas gifts in July. It may be fun at the time. But when that big day comes around, the presents have all been given out! The fun of giving that special gift to that special person at that very special time, is gone.

Wait until you finish your education and can make a life-long commitment in marriage with a partner you know to be disease-free, before you give your special gift of sex.

It isn't easy!

When people say "it's not realistic to tell teenagers not to have sex," what they're really saying is that you do not have the strength, the courage, or the common sense to practice self-control; that you are not capable of saying "No" to sex!

Nobody is trying to tell you that restraining from sex is easy. Nothing worthwhile in life comes easy. But it's a lot better than putting yourself through the grief of an unwanted pregnancy and having to make the decision that go with it, or putting yourself at risk of contracting an embarrassing or life-threatening disease.

Don't be afraid you'll lose him/her if you say "no" to sex. If your friend wants you only for your physical self, they're not worth keeping as friends anyway!

Don't fall for the misleading slogan, "safe sex." There is no such thing for you.

Don't allow yourself to be pressured into sexual activity.

Why take chances?

In 1987, the Atlanta Center for Disease Control reported over 10 million new cases of Sexually Transmitted Diseases with another 10 million suspected. How many of these couples do you suppose felt they were practicing "safe sex"?

Remember, some Sexually Transmitted Diseases are incurable, some cause you to be sterile, some are thought to cause cancer of the cervix, some kill, and others are just plain painful and irritating.

Don't take a risk that you don't have to take. Find someone who respects you for your total being - someone you enjoy being with without feeling pressured into sex; someone with whom you can keep your self-esteem.

Don't take unnecessary chances with your health. Play it really safe - Say "NO" to drugs! Say "NO" to alcohol! Say "NO" to sex!

It's your health; it's your body. Protect it with your life!



 I'm Glad I've Waited ( A real life story)
Submitted by Markeen Tero from PNU

When I graduated from high school, one of my relatives gave me a subscription to Campus Life. Your column and one particular story have had a profound effect upon my life. The story was about a young man and a locket. Every time he got into a serious relationship, he gave the girl a beautiful new locket. On his wedding night he gave his bride a locket, but by that time he had given away so many, the locket didn't seem very special anymore. You opened my eyes to the importance of virginity. As I've become an adult, I've seen the unhappiness that premarital sex has caused in a number of my friends.

After a couple of dates with a guy, I would tell him the "locket story," and inform him that I was a virgin and planned to be one until I married. Of course, there were some guys I never heard from again, but that didn't always happen. I discovered there are guys who value virginity. I have dated two guys who were virgins themselves. One is now a very dear friend. He introduced me to my fiance Jeff.

When Jeff and I get married, we will both be virgins. This has been so important because during the years we've dated, we've developed a strong relationship built on a deep friendship. From what I have seen, sex can sometimes get in the way and cause people to stay together who perhaps should be apart. I have no doubt about Jeff and me, because sex is not "fogging" our minds.