Love Feast - Week 1: The Power of Words

-Participant, Sales Secretary 
"I was amazed by this gathering, as I participated silently, my mind recollects my experiences and I felt it moves me to respond better choices of words to say. Personally, I had many good and bad experiences that ends with realization. One thing for sure I was not alone at all, the more pains and sufferings I encountered the more I get closer to God. I thanked God for His instruments to comfort me like the "Love Feast." It allows me to recognized the positive outlook, to have joy in simple ways. I hope more people will learn that there is a venue for them to embrace the beauty of life as God wills to everyone. The activity helps me to defined my being in realizing the goals that makes me happy. God bless us all!"

-Khyn, Teacher
"I have the feeling that I am always right of what I have said, thus I passively listens and never appreciated what others were saying, "Love Feast" open my eyes not to box or limit myself of what I have in life and make steps to explore and learn beautiful words that will shape my destiny. I am grateful of the experience tonight, it gives me strength to face the truth and used words correctly. Words that can inspire, can influence, and can touch person's life."  
-Mark, NGO Worker
"Having heard this kind of event, I thought that it is just a mere idea or scheme of sharing and understanding the reality of love, as it is. However, as I participated, I discovered an enormous avenue to share and to be with others, not just for the sake of attaining something. Indeed, "Love Feast" for me is an authentic avenue to transcend beyond myself and the world."

-Thursdy, Social Worker
"Words that comes out from our mouth are very powerful, it may break you or make you. Some words spoken are nice to hear and some might hurt your feelings. Dealing with it takes time to realize how important words are. Words today may not be understood by many because of different culture and races but sometimes they are ways not just to understand a person through verbal but through actions. Positive words sometimes are hard to say or express if it's not sincere and if negative words, it may come out easily if you are in a state of anger. So learn to use the right words or appropriate words or try to be positive in everything so that the outcome will also be positive."

-Fatima, Nurse
"Bilang isang taong mahilig gumamit ng mga salita na nauuso, sa nadiscuss namin parang o talagang na aware na ako at na realized na tama ang mga dinidiscuss namin about sa "power of words." I believe na powerful talaga ang mga words at marami itong pweding gawin sa buhay natin. Tama na nabubuhay lang tayo kung ano lang alam natin gamitin na words, hindi na tayo nagcare na malaman pa ang mga iba. Words din ang nag shape ng future natin dahil kung ano lang alam natin, stock na sa mind natin na ganun lang talaga. Pero sa Love Feast it facilitates me to the realization kailangan na nating magpa-practice on using the right words to have the right future or destiny. Kailangang mag start na tayo na maging aware sa mga salitang ginagamit natin para hindi na tayo laging nakakasakit ng tao na hindi natin alam ay nasasaktan sa mga sinasabi natin. Sabi nga ng quotes "The words you consistently used will shape your destiny" but I believe it also shape our personality. If someone will read this letter, advise lang to better attend this simple gathering, just learn to start now, choosing the right word for your future not only to yourself but to others also, because you can influence them to start also because I do start now after Love Feast. Thank you." :-)  

-Mitzie, Fastfood Crew 
"I learned more lessons, very interesting, I really appreciated the words I've heard, I feel good and new,  it conditions me to change myself and apply the lessons I have learned."