PLN meets the young of Brgy. Cabacabon

With the generosity and hospitality of Ate Inday Tidalgo, Pure Love Network meets some young people of Brgy. Cabcabon, Butuan City on July 24, 2011.

PLN shared to the participants the urgent need of the young to hold to Christian values especially on engaging themselves to relationship with others. 

After the sharing, they commented very warmly and accepting.

"I've always wonder why I don't have a successful relationships in the past. I've got two ex-boyfriends, the first one initiated our break-up which make me reflect if the problem was in me. We were both schooling that time, I don't know what happened, one day he just says point blank, "pwede pahulay sa ta? Cool of sa?" To save my pride I replied, "sure why not!" without asking the reason's for doing so. I stop my communication with him and never bothered about him. When my friends asked what happened, I just say we both want to end the relationship. But deep in my heart, it shouts, "Why did it happen?" Can we have a second chance? Is other girl involved?" I strive to move on. Two years later, I've got another boyfriend, just a fling, hoping to cover-up my heartaches but it lasted only for a year. Now my first BF found a way to communicate, pestering me of getting back. With this gathering I can see myself being happy with the WAITING." -female, 21

"As a teenager of today I know that marami na talaga ang nag engage sa pre-marital sex, one of my friend got pregnant already, nasayangan jud ko sa iya. I know that sex is panandaliang aliw lang. Sadly, I have observes that many of my classmates are doing - it is really alarming. It is good na may mga taong gumagawa ng hakbang to remind the young people."-participant

"Salamat sa inyong pag-anhi sa among barangay, daghan kog natun-an, naka relate ko kaayo especially sa inyong themesong. nanghinaot ko daghan pa unta mo og malamdagan."-participant

"Inspiring kaayo kay makahuna-huna ka sa imong mga pangarap na dapat dili sa jud mag engage sa sex. Dapat antusan sa mga batan-on nag ilang "dignidad" para dili maguba ang ilang kaugmaon."-participant

"I will start my life all over again. I am really inspired."-participant

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