The Forum on VALUES OF SEXUALITY with the theme “Strengthening the Core Values of the Filipino Children” was held on July 28, 2017, 1:00 o’clock to 5:00 o’clock in the afternoon at Pure Love Network Center, 420 Pili Drive, Butuan City, Philippines.

It was made possible in collaboration with Wing-On, Inc., Shape Up! Dance & Fitness Studio, and some Generous Individuals who believed in the advocacy. We also acknowledged the support of the School Principals who sent their teachers to attend the acitivity.

The forum was conducted exclusively for teachers from forty (40) selected public schools around Butuan City. Upon sending the invitation, three (3) schools immediately declined to send a participant but all the other remaining schools appreciated the activity and committed to send one or two teachers form their school. Based from the preregistration forms, we expected 32 attendees but on the actual attendance we had 26 teachers who actively participated the forum.

From participants impressions the forum was good outreach program to everybody, a great experience of a lifetime, very informative, updated, & awakening, should also be given to all parents, really interesting, very important, big help for us teachers, will stregthen the foundation of family, shares great tips on dealing issues in the community, will enable life to move positively, it was mesmirizing and enlightens thoughts and ideas, so good it will really helps our everyday activity, the whole presentation and the topic were great, gave additional knowledge, really a unique one of all the trainings I had attended, broadened my mind, and it gave avenue on how to deal different personalities.

After the presentations and discussions, snacks was served, certificates of appreciation was distributed, picture taking, and it was ended with a closing prayer. Indeed, everyone was blessed, goes home with a happy heart and inspired enough to apply all they have learned from the forum.

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