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An Easter Message for the Youth

(Easter Message of Bishop Joel Baylon)

A blessed and happy Easter to you, dearly beloved young people!
Once again, after days of Lenten discipline and mortifying sacrifices, after listening to and meditating on the mystery of Christ’s Suffering, Death and Resurrection, we arrive at the culmination of the greatest feast of the Church—Easter. With minds enlightened and hearts burning like the two disciples at Emmaus, we feel called to journey with the Lord in the jubilation of Easter in order to witness to His Risen Life before our fellow human beings!
“Humanity today expects from Christians a renewed witness to the resurrection of Christ; it needs to encounter him and to know him as true God and true man… [It needs to] rediscover with renewed conviction, faith in Christ dead and risen for us…” says Pope Benedict XVI in his Easter Message.
In our Philippine context, we can read this as a call to involve yourselves—as young people—in the current events that shape our country, as we continue …