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Pure Love Network – Basic Orientation Seminar (PLN-BOS) is a program educating the young the basic of sexuality and skills of gender sensitivity and nonviolent communication.

The program is design as an invitation to the young people to take responsibility, to take action in response to the overwhelming message of lust and violence.

Overview of the program:

Refers to our total masculinity and femininity. It consist of the way we behave, think, and feel. It   includes our belief in God, our moral values. Then comes the physical aspect of sex. All of these make up our sexuality. It involves more than our body. Human sexuality is all the physical, spiritual, mental and emotional traits that make us male and female.

Homosexuality is the state of a person sexually drawn to members of the same sex. Homosexual acts are genital acts performed with persons of the same sex.
It is important to note that:
A person may be a homosexual but not engage in homo…

HOMOSEXUALS: Roles on HIV and AIDS Prevention

What is a Homosexual?

1. Based on “frequency of homosexual activity”?
Someone whose sexual experience has been exclusively with the same sex and with no heterosexual  experience at all.
Classifications: some are “more or less” homosexual, others are “exclusively” homosexual throughout
their  entire history

2. Based on the “dynamics of sexual attraction” or  “sexual orientation”?

Absolute homosexuals – sexually attracted to persons of  same sex onlyAmphigenic homosexuals – those sexually attracted equally to both male and femaleContingent homosexuals – those attracted to their own sex when the opposite sex is not available3. Based on sexual attraction determined largely by circumstances and availability of sexual partners (Pseudo-homosexuality)

Type 1: “Exploratory” homosexuality
Happens during a stage in a person’s psycho-sexual Development “homosexual play” out of sexual curiosity, discovery or exploration.. Is NOT a sign of a homosexual personality

Type 2: “Occasional” ho…

SABAKAN Sexuality Program

The Advocacy Director of Pure Love Network attended a Seminar-Workshop on Sabakan Sexuality Program at Carmelite Retreat House, Malaubang, Ozamis City on April 5 to 25, 2010.

Sabakan – Ministry to Women and Children’s Concern is a church-based, non-government organization of the Diocese of Pagadian.

It has become a center for the healing of abused women and children and give free legal assistance to indigent clients.

It also becomes a training and resource center for the advocacy, promotion and protection of the human rights of women and children using creative methodology.

Sabakan Sexuality Program (SSP) is three-week training for social workers, teachers, community leaders, and anyone working on women and children. SSP was started on the year 1998 and conducted every year.

The seminar-workshop tackles the following:


Sexuality and spirituality play a major role in the force that gives life. When God created man and woman to his image and likeness, sexua…