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Love Feast - Week 2: "THE POWER OF CONTROL"

"I was thinking of many things about me... about everything I've done. How to control? As what we have discussed during the Love Feast, "The only you can control is your own self."  This is really true, you cannot control those people that surrounds you and they cannot control you either...

I am the master of myself, master in everything, to choice, to decide on my own, and I am unique. Though I am not perfect but I'm trying to treat myself with respect, because I am a blessing to my family and I am a creation of God.

I have so many mistakes and faults but I know it is just trials to improve myself for the better. God did not gave problems that I cannot solve.

The Love Feast this week allows me to understand and recognized love, love for myself and to others. Loving without expecting in return...unconditional love."  - Tuding


"Maraming pagbabago na naranasan ko now as I strive to control m…