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Teenage Pregnancy Rate in the Philippines: FAST FACTS

1. Teenage pregnancy rate in the Philippines is the highest among ASEAN's six major economies. - United Nation Population Fund.
2. CARAGA Region has one of the highest rates of teenage pregnancy in the country, with Agusan del Norte having the highest among the five provinces in the region. - POPCOM
3. Every hour 24 babies are born by a teenage mother. - 2013 National Demograhic and Health Survey
4. One in every Filipino women having ages 15-19 is already a mother. - 2013 National Demograhic and Health Survey
5. One in every three youths is having sex before marriage. - Young Adult Fertility and Sexuality
6. Lack of comprehensive sexuality education and limited access to adolescent-friendly reproductive health services are among the key reasons for high incidence of teen pregnancy. - Dr. Ernesto E. Pareja, Chief of the Local Health Support Division, DOH XIII

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