A celfone text conversation between a 15 year old girl and a youth minister (ym).

girl: Good evening kuya! can i ask a guidance about this "love"?
ym: Good evening! yeah sure... are you in love now?

...yup! before... i'd like to restore my relationship with my ex, but i can't do anything unless he'll be the one to approach first.
ym: so what's your plan then?

i'm confused, what is advisable? to still wait for my ex to court me again? or i will accept one of my suitors even if my feeling is still with my ex?
ym: can i ask some questions for me to understand you better?

Ok sure kuya?
ym: how many times you're able to have a bf?

ahmm.. 5th times.
ym: did your parents know about it?

they know that i have bf but they do not know how many times.
ym: what's their reaction upon knowing it?

they seems get angry but they just keep silent about it.
ym: were is your mom now?

here in our house.
ym: would you like to have a happy relationship?

yup.. i think everyone wants to have a happy relationship.
ym: would you accept that there are still so many things you do not know about relationship?

yeah... and i'm willing to know about it!
ym: good! would you believe that God wants you to be happy?

yeah! because God never want us to have a miserable lives...
ym: yeah! that's right! would you also believe that i want you to be happy?

yup! sure!
girl: ahmm.. it's quite long time since we've broke-up with my ex, but i admit the feelings still remains, but i am the's awkward that i'll be the one to initiate to be able for us to be a lovers again...but i can sense that he still like me. i have four suitors now, do i need to accept one of them or i'll just wait for my ex to court me again? kuya what shall i do?
ym: ok! this is what you will do. you talk to your mom everything about it and follow whatever she will tells you.

ha!!! but i'm really afraid to talk about it to my parents...i'm sure they will get mad at me and be more strict to me about this things...i cannot share it to them...they'll be getting mad...
ym: we'll if you cannot talk about it with your mom... you'd better focus yourself with your studies and forget now of having a bf... A RELATIONSHIP WITHOUT PERMISSION WITH YOUR PARENTS WILL JUST MAKE YOU SAD. remember that always.


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