Pure Love Network

"Preserving Chastity Until Marriage"

"To promote the virtue of chastity in every school campus and communitie."

1. Organize networks that will perform the tasks in promoting chastity.
2. Create a common formations and activities that will strengthen and unify the networks.
3. Establish linkages to other groups or associations that will facilitate the expansion of the networks.

1. Prayer Fellowship
2. Fora, symposia, seminars, workshops, variety shows, and celebrations.
3. Community or campus services.


Reasons why a person must preserved his/her chastity until marriage?

1. It pleases God. Sex is designed for procreation not for pleasure. It is a precious gift vested only to a married couple.

2. It will heighten a person's dignity and integrity.

3. It will facilitate a person to become discipline and be the master of his/her emotions and desires.

4. It will allow a person free of doubts and worries thus becomes objective in making great decisions in life.

5. In this modern age, it will serve as the greatest gift you can give to your future husband or wife.

6. It will protect you from any sexually transmitted diseases and HIV - AIDS.

7. It will lessen the cases of teenage pregnancies and motherhood, and abortions.

Pledge of Commitment: 

I, ________________(name)__________________ commit myself to preserve my chastity as a demonstration that I am for Christ.

That I value the virtue of chastity according to what it is designed for: for procreation not for pleasure.

That my chastity will be the greatest gift I can give to my future husband or wife.

That whatever happens I will protect my chastity until I'll get married, even of the expense of my life.

That I will promote Pure Love Network to my friends, classmates, neighbors, or to any person that will come into my life.

All this I'll faithfully adhere for the greater glory of God.

Bless me God, I pray

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