by Joanne Adormeo, PLN News Writer

The second Love Forum was held on 6th of February 2009 at Libertad National High  School. Despite that it was only 19 students attended the forum, which was only thirty percent attendance compared to the first Love Forum, the forum went on and ended successfully and romantically.

The love forum was started with a prayer in a way of a worship song entitled "Heaven." Kuya Bonie then let the participant analyzed what's the message of the song. Referring to the first two lines of the song, "You died on the cross, my life you saved at all cost." Some students answered that God saved us because of His great love for us. Kuya Bonie said that the song's central message was that God wants to share heaven with us.

After the short discussions about the opening song, Kuya Bonie introduced himself and his companion, Ate Markeen. He reviewed the topic of the previous love forum for the benefits of the participants who failed to attend the last forum. The review included HIV-AIDS cases, youth having pre-marital sex that leads to life-threatening results such as abortions.

The highlight of discussion for this love forum is "Boy-Girl Relationship." Kuya Bonie said, being involved in a boy-girl relationship is an act of loving. Then the room was filled with romantic atmosphere as Kuya Bonie shared with the group his experienced about the topic. Kuya Bonie's experiences were so touching, he does not just talk, he also sing their theme songs to the point that somebody cried. While sharing his experiences he also shared his learning that loving other is a decision, to be faithful, selflessness, fulfilling promises, experiencing happiness and an act of witnessing. He emphasized that a relationship must be with God's grace.

The atmosphere became more romantic as Kuya Bonie called Ate Markeen to sing their theme-song "Forever You'll Stay" with him. That was when the group realized that Ate Markeen is Kuya's current girlfriend and hopefully his future wife. Oh! How really romantic! Kuya said, to let your relationship an act of witnessing so that others may have hope and be guided is another level of relationship.

Here are some best tips for boys and girls who want to have a successful relationship. If you will follow it, it's an assurance that you'll have a great relationship.

4 Principles before engaging in a boy-girl relationship:

Principle # 1. LOVE GOD FIRST.

As the atmosphere was back in its "normal temperature," a thrifty coin box was passed to each participants to give any amount as a way of showing their support for the Pure Love Network advocacy.

A heartfelt prayer ended the activity.


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