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Pure Love Network Goes to Father Urios High School of Ampayon, Inc.

by Yzay Mangubat, PLN News Writer

Pure Love Network (PLN) Facilitating Team went to Father Urios High School of Ampayon, Inc. (FUHSAI) at Ampayon, Butuan City to hold the first love forum in their campus last January 30, 2010.

There were 43 Urians participated in the event. It was started with an opening prayer and a song of praise entitled "One Way, Jesus."

PLN facilitator began the discussion with a question, "Is it right for a 15 or 16 year old to engage in a boy-girl relationship?"

Most of the students agreed with the statement, only a few against it. The participants contributed their ideas and opinions openly during the discussions. After the debate several activities happened followed by the understanding of life stress and a crisis situation and orientation regarding sexuality.

The following was what Urians said about the Love Forum?

  • Louis Earl, "I was amazed and learn a lot from the discussions."
  • Dave, "Thank you, this program open my eyes to truly understand the perspective of the young regarding sexuality."
  • Hazel, "I'm very thankful that you came here in our school especially now that our school is facing problems about students getting pregnant. Keep inspiring the youth. We learned a lot."
  • Clint, "I have learned new information. I have fun and enjoy the activity."
  • Grace, "I learned a lot more. My learning today gives me a greater vision and this forum bounds me to God. A connection that is a must for every person. I am now aware of the message of impurity. Now, I can well decide what should I do and prefer."
  • Ivis Kent, "It's fun and I enjoy the activity."
  • Jelly, "I learned how really important to preserve my chastity. I really enjoy and I"m proud that I joined."
  • Ellen Joy, "I learn a lot. I enjoy it. The facilitators are nice."
  • Alberta, "I enjoy listening the discussion on chastity."
  • Alven, "I pledged that I will love God above all things. This forum was such an inspiration to me. I will treasure this."
  • Khirstene, "Pure Love Network is the best."
  • Diego, "I love the forum."
  • Kaia Grace, "The forum is nice, I have shared my feelings. One of the nice experienced I have encountered."
  • Noel, "Now I realized the value of chastity."
  • Aubrey, "Unexpected, I never thought that I'll enjoy... I have attended so many forum and it just bored me. It is my first time to attend a forum like this."
  • Bem2x, "At first I don't want to attend. When the discussion started the feeling of boring was gone, the topics are for mature but I can relate through the activities and explanations. I hope there will be more..."
  • Mia Camille, "I am indeed grateful that I have attended this activity. This network made me to decide to preserve my chastity, stronger than before."
  • Ken, "This love forum is helping us to realize the situation in the community."
  • Jeremiah, "Thank you for coming in our school."
  • Tristan, "I learned moral lesson, this can change my personality."
  • Maria Jessa, "Naging masaya ang araw ko ngayon kasi hindi ko masyadong gusto ang mga forum-forum, pero nasabi ko sa sarili ko na maganda at masaya pala ang mag-attend ng katulad nito."
  • Ma. Thracy, "I want to join this kind of network."  
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