by Daisy "Yzay" B. Mangubat of SVNHS

First time I saw you, I felt that you will make a difference in my life. Yes It is true! - a strange feeling or a weird imagination - "I don't know" [Kah-OA naku uie]. You are a kind of guy who always turns the gloom into smile and change the loveliest world into a funniest and happiest sphere [char!] You know what? I really want to be your friend but I have no idea of how parallel ways will intersect each other; for there is no such rules of that in Math [unya kay dili mani Math?]. Your circle of friends are inversely proportional to mine, that's the reason why even though your a centimeter near to me yet your so far to accompany with. I just wish and hope that someday [puhon] there will be a linear bridge that will straightly connect you and me.

Time past, many things are changed - somewhat on... Evolution? [nee! murag unggoy paingon sa tao!] But my sensation unto you still stays. I just ignore it - believing it was only part of my unique senses [ehhh?]. World continues to rotate its orbit and revolves around the sun [Science huh!]. Until one night, you came to me - asking me to dance with you. [shock ko uie!]. I wonder what typr of force that pushes you towards me, or maybe it was just the effect of the cold temperature sorrounded us [kadtong JS vah! ulan bya 2 baha p gyud!] in that very second my heart pumped to its fastest beat even I'm very frozen in my displacement cause I'm shy to dance with you. Consequently, you showed an incomparable motion that lead us to the dance floor. We dances together - holding hands [uiE! kahinumdum pako!]. WE moved at a certain velocity depending how the rhythm of music travelled [char! murag Newton's LAw of Inertia!]

It was a vigorous Monday morning after the JS prom when a classmate came to me and revealed something about you [unsa kaha?] she said, you admire me [ hmmp... na garu!] I just smile then afterwards I laughed, a very foolish laugh as if I didn't care of what I've heard but deep inside I really appreciated of what you felt for me. I just hid it. [ana gyud na pa-char-char vah!] You also said to her that I'm beautiful especially during the prom [Duh! lanay ako atay!] but in that moment all I wanted was to be your friend and nothing more. [chur uie?]

We always meet during school days, I often catch you staring at me [ganahan fud ko!] Still I'm confuse! do you really admire me? If yes, then why is that your acting as if you don't know me, as if there's nothing happen to us - I mean the sweet dancing protion during the prom? [nangasaba nman cguro ko!jejeje]. If we meet in the canteen, in the campus' pathways and somewhere else in this world, you never ever say a word - even just one simple "Hi"- I don't understand! I'm highly aware that you are not quiet creature; the clown of your buddies, right? But why are you so silent in front of me? You're like a mute [duh!]. I thought we will become friends after the JS but I'm wrong [wrong jud dis?] 'coz your building a wall between us. Your pals and my friends kept on pushing us and you don't have any reaction [murag dili tao cah!]. The more I don't perceive you - the more I don't understand myself. I feel something special to you [nadevelop ko uie!] inspite of what characteristics you've shown to me [mao?]. Lately, I realized I'm falling in love with you! I felt jealous when I saw you close with a girl, the two of you were so sweet [kulang nalang amigason!] not only that, I am also hurt when I heard you said, you're inlove with someone else. I will kept on loving you even if you already rejected me and left me with an agony in my heart [hu hu hu!!! hatage jud ko ninyo ug candy!]. Honestly it is my first time to feel like this, the love and the pain inside is all b'coz of you [xure?]. You're my first love and first guy who hurt me this way [Duh! kevir!]. Actually, you're not my typical man, you drunk [ingon nila!] and you even smoke [ayna pag deny! kit-an taka!] ou're not so smart nor handsome [cute lang!]. In fact my mind opposes my heart but then I follow what my heart says [graveh naku kah martyr vie!]. I admit, I'm already losing myself because of loving you. I'm sinking deep pain [as in?]. But I will not fight it, I will just get exhausted for I know It's so very hard to move on and forget you, especially I see you almost everyday [pag ting-eskwela]. You can count on me anytime you want. My love is always there for you [graveh huh!]. I will wait for your special feelings to come back, but if not? I will continue suffering the pain until it hurts no more! [nackz!]. I believe I can survive! with the presence of our Almighty God. I know His there for me. He will ease and heal my broken heartache and will give me the best that I deserve to have [I love you Lord!].

Now I'm already aware why I felt something weird towards you when I first saw you. You realy make a difference in my life. As what I've said your the only guy who make me feel so much in love and pain. Your the one who let me see what true love means - it is unconditional and it can even sacrifice because of the desires in our hearts. Thanks for making me feel what kind of love that Jesus have on us.

"Jesus loves us unconditionally; He even sacrifice His own life to save us from sin."


  1. Teenage love,bittersweet:)made me remember my teenage years heheh,love will come in its proper time,dont hurry,enjoy life :)

  2. char nice...Zay!!!